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I must admit I felt a certain satisfaction when I read the report of current Britney Spears boy toy, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, getting into a shoving match with the pestering paparazzi over the weekend while he and Spears were trying to get in a little peaceful shopping at a mall in Studio City. 

Reportedly Ghalib got into an angry shoving match and tempers flared as he tried to push back the menacing gang of shutterbugs that routinely shadow Spears' every move. And who cabritney spears adnan n blame him? Check out the video footage (scroll down below) of when the two went to a Rite Aid and the mob-like paparazzi descended upon them. It would be enough to drive anyone to some to some form of retaliation. 
Of course the obvious irony here is that for many years, until very, very recently, Ghalib himself was one of that very same gang of papparassholes (as Brad Pitt and certain other frustrated celebs have dubbed them) who make a living off of hounding Britney and other similarly high-profile celebrities.

But now that Ghalib has crossed that line from paparazzo to celebrity (or rather from stalker to the stalked), and he is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. Or maybe not. Maybe he is really enjoying the sudden celebrity status, although from watching videos like the one below of him and Brit being hounded by paparazzi I really couldn't see why if he indeed is.

Of course, why Britney couldn't just hire a temp for a couple of hours to run down to Rite Aid and pick up her Alka Seltzer for her is a valid question. It often seems that she and Paris Hilton and the many other celebrities that are constantly popping up in the tabloids put themselves in places and situations that are prone to paparazzi being present.   Meanwhile others -- Matt Damon comes to mind -- appear to make an effort to stay out of the paparazzi's radar since they live secluded lives away from LA, NY, Vegas and other such high-profile places. 

But really let's be fair here: if a person who happens to be a celebrity choses to live in Hollywood paparazzior Manhattan or wherever they damn please, shouldn't their privacy be respected -- especially if they clearly indicate to the shutterbugs that they just want to be left alone at that particular time?

Sure I agree, to a degree, that when someone is a public figure that their lives may not have the same amount of privacy as the average Joe, but come on, show some respect. And if not, there should be limits and more laws about this issue. And not just laws pertaining to putting someone in actual physical danger (E.G., when paparazzi in cars chase their victim down the highway and cause an accident), but harassment issues.
I say all this prompted not as much by Britney but by another celebrity/paparazzi run in over the weekend. It was Bjork who, while arriving at the Auckland International Airport in New Zealand on Sunday, grabbed and tore the shirt of pestering paparazzo Glenn Jeffrey who was taking her photo after she and her traveling companion specifically asked him not to. He totally ignored the request and snapped away anyway. Bjork responded by grabbing him and in so doing ripped his T-shirt. In turn the fotog paparazzo cried foul to the national media, claiming he was viciously and unfairly "attacked" by Bjork. 
What nerve! Paparassholes indeed.

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