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 In my wildest fantasy Led Zeppelin is going to go on one last amazing, kick-ass world tour. They will play at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and, as offered, Dave Grohl will be playing drums (that is, if Jason Bonham is unavailable). Waiting in the wings is Jack White to sing and play on a song or five. Jimmy, Jack and Dave on a stage together... that's my prediction.

                         - Maggie the Cat (Bay Area Crew AMOEBLOGGER)


I predict that old school rap will come to the rescue helping to guide the music out of its slump. Also, i think there will be more old school film projects, maybe a Busy Bee movie or a Scott La Rock film.

             - Michael A. Gonzales (author, journalist, blogger at BlackadelicPop)


TABLOID TALES: In 2008 Britney Spears, no longer hounded by a pack of paparazzi -- just that one guy she took back to her hotel room-- will be completely upstaged by lil sis Jamie Lynn Spears who will lead tabloid headlines for the next seven or more months. She will then be suddenly upstaged herself by the even more shocking, tabloid-ready real-life story of Hannah Montana (the alter ego of Miley Cyrus), who will have an unexpected and sudden, widely publicized downfall into drugs and sexploits. So shocking will this news be to the parents of tween fans of the wholesome Disney Channel star that there will be a huge backlash culminating in a Hannah Montana doll burning gathering at a Florida sports stadium in November with tickets to the event being as much in demand as Hannah Montana concert tickets were just a year earlier.

RETURN OF THE RECORD:  Radiohead, who yesterday both released hard copies of their In Rainbows album (pick it up at Amoeba Music) and posted their entire 53 minute NYE broadcast Scotch Mist film on YouTube, will continue to make their mark on the music biz. Their next trick? They will lead the looming anti-digital backlash when their next album will be not available digitally but only on vinyl and cassette. Of course, many will digitize it and post files online, but more and more audiophiles -- sick of the poor quality of MP3s -- will stick with the records. And 2008 will see more and more artists drop vinyl-only releases.

VH1 will launch a popular new weekly show: The Ringtone Top Ten Countdown

WRITERS STRIKE RESULTS IN MORE REALITY TV: The extended writers guild strike, which now looks like it will seriously affect the upcoming Golden Globe awards, will drag on and on into 2008 with its impact being severely felt, most notably with a whole new wave of sub-standard "reality" shows that are even worse (if that seems even possible) than the current typical crap on television.

HEY DJ: That loud horn blowing effect that sounds like an air raid warning -- ever popular with so many radio, club, and mix DJs who drop that annoying sound effect between every damn song -- will finally be played out by the summer of 2008.

HE'S NOT THERE, HE'S EVERYWHERE: 2008 will witness a slew of new biopics surfacing at film festivals that are directly influenced by (read: shamelessly imitating) the unique story-telling style of Todd Haynes' beautifully shot & edited and brilliantly original 2007 Dylan flick I'm Not There.

On August 12th there will be a nationwide power & communication breakdown which will result in a 24-hour blackout of all Internet and phone communication lines. Besides playing havoc with Wall Street and the US economy at large, average Americans will be sent into widespread panic, suffering severe cold-turkey from been unable to carry out such habitual tasks as Email, IM, blogging, downloading, Googling, text messaging, and talking on their mobiles, etc. etc. As a result the new medical condition known as PCBAS (post communication blackout anxiety syndrome, AKA "August 12th disorder") will become the new medical catchphrase, with major drug companies gladly developing new drugs to treat it. 

MAJOR LABELS-- HOW THEY REMINISCE OVER YOU: After decades of sounding like a broken record (pun intended), recording artists (especially rappers) will stop whining and bitching about the evils of major labels. In a classic case of you don't know what you got til it's gone, the demise of most all major labels will force many artists to honestly re-examine the positive points of the once ruling class of the music business. Things like big budget music videos and effective powerful national marketing campaigns, something synonymous with the major label business model and once taken for granted, will now be romantically reminisced upon.

HIP-HOP REMEMBERS WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE: With hip-hop sales in more of a slump than other genres, all of these rappers who are only in it for the money (most of today's popular ones) will start to drop off like flies. With nothing to lose and little to gain (financially), a renaissance of refreshingly innovative hip-hop artists that actually say something interesting and positive will fill the vacuum. 

THE SUB-PRIME LOAN FALLOUT: The fallout and full impact of the criminally disastrous sub-prime mortgage debacle on the American economy will become increasingly clear by the fourth quarter with evidence such as entire foreclosed suburban housing areas across the USA becoming crime-ridden ghost towns -- signaling the beginning of a new depression (although it will be labeled 'recession' or other less offensive euphemisms by whomever is in power at the time).

                                                                         - Billy Jam (AMOEBLOGGER)


This was the fourth and final part in the Amoeblog Predictions for 2008 series for which each regular AMOEBLOGGER (myself included), as well as select other individuals, was invited to make some prediction for 2008-- real or imagined/wished for, on any topic at all and in as few or many words as they saw fit. 

Special thanks to today's contributors Bay Area Crew AMOEBLOGGER Maggie the Cat and hip-hop author/journalist Michael A Gonzales as well as to all the other fine folks who gave of their time and talent to participate over the past few days including Tim Ranow, The Insomniac from The Bay Area Crew, Jason Chavez (aka 4AM), Whitmore, Rameen Mansour, Gomez Comes Alive!, Amoeba Marc, Eric Brightwell, DJ ALF, and Jim & Karla Murray.

                               And let's hope we all have a positive and healthy new year.

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