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When I was in high school, I was really into sincerity.  I mean, I'm still into sincerity now, don't get me wrong, but in high school I desperately clung to sincerity with the intense fervor of youth.  I think it was a natural reaction to navigating lockered halls at 15.

It made sense, then, that when popping a cd into my sound system, I pretty much only listened to sincere bands.  Bands that were serious about their music and their message. 

live the band ed kowalcyzk
These dudes are intense.

So it follows that I really liked the band Live.  Remember "Lightening Crashes" and "I Alone"?  Their big album was their second, Throwing Copper.  They bled sincerity and seriousness to me back when it meant the most to me, in those teenage years.

Times were simpler then.

live throwing copper band cover Basically, when I think back, my enjoyment of Live taught me about musical obsession, about the intricacies and excitement that come along with absorbing one's self in a particular band.  They weren't the first band I was acutely taken by, but they did hit me hard at the time, I have to say.  I knew and analyzed every track on that album.  I was intrigued by the energy and earnestness of the band.  I learned about the transcendent quality of music, sitting in my bedroom with the sound pumping.  At the time I thought Live were trying to uphold the values I held dear:  connection, truth, and all that kind of thing. (Soooooo high school! And sooooooo serious!)  I read every article I could find about them and sought out information about the authors and ideas they wrote about in their songs.  Everything they did seemed so fraught with meaning.

Because the vast majority of the bands I was obsessed with in high school were from the 60s, Live was one of the only groups I could feasibly see perfored kowalcyzk live m.  Once someone I knew had their drivers license, a gaggle of friends and I piled into their car and were off to the Warfield.  I recall pretending to be more seasoned at show-going than I was, since attending was my idea and all.  I was horrified when I was stopped by security at the door for trying to bring in a whole box of Strawberry Newtons of all things. (No joke! and NO idea why I tried to bring those in.)  Oh, sweet youth!

caterpillars I taped Live Unplugged when it aired on MTV and would watch it constantly.  I remember eagerly putting it on for the umpteenth time with some new friends, gauging their all-important sincerity by their reaction to the tape.  My friend Vicky's only comment was that lead singer Ed Kowalczyk had "caterpillar eyebrows."  After that comment, those brows were all I could ever see on poor Ed's face.  Guess I had never thought about it before.  It became a little harder to be so serious.

Their third allive band ed kowalcyzkbum, Secret Samadhi, failed to really pique my interest but I tried to like it, I really did.  Some of the lyrics made me cringe.  The songs felt overwrought.  Also, my focus became more and more divided into a bunch of other bands, and Live slipped away into a faded memory.  I haven't heard it in a million years, but I bet if I put on Throwing Copper today I could capture the exact feeling I had about 14 years ago, standing on the old track at practice, spiked feet crunching in the dust, learning to jump hurdles and singing every word to the song "Shit Town" with my other Live-loving friends and having a grand old time.  Of course, just the title of that song kinda makes me cringe now.

But times were simpler back then.

If you want to see some seriously fierce poses by a bunch of straight, white, mid 90s rocker dudes, check out this old video for "I Alone"-- whew, that braided rat tail is intensely hawt!

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