son of hysteron proteron: part two

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Many, many questions … mostly about the space-time continuum. I imagine it doesn’t actually run in a straight line, but in a vertical spiral, spinning in several directions simultaneously and at undulating speeds, analogous to a surging elliptical orbit, gyrating and wobbling like a mountain of dradles as they lose momentum. Think of ‘time’ as one of those old turntables that change a stack of records by dropping the next platter, except this turntable twists unpredictably forward and backwards, erratically spiraling and switching speeds, coughs up the record done, spits out a new one. Better yet, think of ‘time’ as a turntablist who is sandwiched between two turntables stacked on top of each other spindle to spindle, and the DJ is simultaneously scratching, looping, cross fading, juggling beats, rubbing, bugging, juggling the thing of a thing of a thing, cutting and pasting, grinding and humping, downbeat sweeps, creeps, bumping and slamming, twiddle, diddle, tweak, zig zag, squirrel, scribble scrabble, kif lift, willy nilly, dada, nada, dodo, zoot horn rollo, zither zather zuzz, hepcat swinging over a Euclidian three ring circus gumbo, without a net, without a tent, without an answer, up shit creek, without a gift on xmas day hallelujah.… then the record changer drops another disc on the other turntable and the tone arm continues all over again.  

This is also how one might explain paranormal phenomenon. If the ‘time’ spiral spin’s in conflicting and inconsistent directions, on occasion this spiral inter-splices momentarily into a singular part of the coil. In that collision, we could experience a virtual and distinctive time door, opening briefly, accounting for ghostly apparitions, UFO sightings, déjà vu and even disappearing socks.

Of course when I look this stuff up on the internet I usually find sites for vertical lift door repair. By the way, if you’re a space-time continuum expert from the future, (I don’t know why I would believe anyone else), I’d really like to hear your observations. (Besides, I’d really like to know if the Dodgers ever win the World Series again or how many more Bush’s become President, etc. etc…)

Albert Einstein once said: “Space without time is geometry and time without space is philosophy. The formulae of physics always involve space and time.”

What does this have to do with these examples of our little art-damaged 7inch 45 boxes? Well, conceptually the idea was to create a retro look by using one era’s retro look to signify the other redefined era’s retro look. A simplified art design in which era is represented as the y coordinate (the classic 60’s dance) and color as the x coordinate (the 80’s stylization), with the three spatial dimensions collapsed into one dimension, under examination you discover the interchangeable dimensions of a single reality actually have distinctive yet coordinated art patterns. Meanwhile, the dimension of ‘time’ seems to just hurtle along without any control whatsoever just like great dance music, like a great dancer, and these three boxes of Northern Soul, Funk and R&B follow the wandering star offering gifts of gold, incense and myrrh.

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