It is the season for giving they say ...

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I was asking around to my friends about how I haven't heard of any coat drives this year, when it's been darn cold here in Northern California. One of the sweetest and smartest gals I know sent me a link to the information here. There's some folks working on literacy and getting kids to read *better.

(*Sorry: Zoolander fan!)

They also happen to be doing a whole lot of good work down in Louisiana where people are still trying to rebuild their lives. The whole she-bang is called Lullalee Productions, and here is a quote from their mission statement:

"Lullalee Productions and Services (LPS) provides free books and "Magical Literacy Events/Car-Ni-Fairs" designed to enhance the lives and learning experiences of all children. LPS supports families, communities, facilities and local organizations serving children that are low-income or have special needs."

Now I know times are tough all over, but I can't stand the thought of a child being cold. So these folks are trying to get presents for all the kids this holiday season down in Terrebone Parish, and they are also collecting coats for kids. They are at 78% of their goal - maybe we can raise that percentage some with whoever out there reads this particular blog!

"We also plan to expand our Pre-G.E.D. program to include 2 other sights: We have the certified teachers and locations in place, and some of the books. We are again working on getting computers and supplies. These locations were hit very hard during our 2 hurricanes back to back. One lower area is still putting their lives back together. With these 2 new locations we will cover Terrebonne Parish 100%."

There's a jam packed website you can go to for lots more pictures of good works and lots of children being loved and cared for.

Project Learn is 501 (c3) organization.
We would like any financial donations made out to: Project Learn

Any and every donation should be mailed to:
809 Barrow Street, Houma, LA 70360
Attention: Mr. John LeBlanc

Thanks for your time, and if you can give - I'm touched beyond words.

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