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Damn! It's already November 8th! Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday when this AMOEBLOG corner of the Amoeba Music website started up. But actually it has been jumping off since March of this year -- not that long ago, true, but long enough for the accumulation of a bounty of engaging AMOEBLOGS covering oodles of different topics (music and otherwise) from a stable of gifted and insightful AMOEBLOGGERs including (but not limited to) Mike Battaglia, Job O Brother, Brad Schelden, phil blankenship, Miss Ess, Gomez Comes Alive, Whitmore, and the Bay Area Crew. In all, there are hundreds and hundreds (well in excess of a thousand) of AMOEBLOGS posted and available to read in the Archives right here. Just for me alone there are 170 AMOEBLOGS archived and I am only one of a dozen paul mccartney at amoebaactive AMOEBLOGGERs.

Glancing back at some of these AMOEBLOGS I have posted since May, I think it is time that I should follow up on a few of them. First up was the post (one of several) about the historic Paul McCartney instore at Amoeba Music Hollywood store on June 27th that generated a ton of COMMENTS from Amoeba shoppers who were lucky enough to make it inside to witness the former Beatle's memorable performance. Anyways, the follow up, good news, is that next week (November 13th) one of the songs from Paul's performance that day ("I Saw Her Standing There") will be released on an extremely limited edition 12" vinyl-only release titled Amoeba's Secret. This Paul McCartney maxi-single will feature four songs from the exclusive instore: “Only Mama Knows” & "That Was Me" (both originally on his latest release) plus ”C Moon” (the classic Paul McCartney & Wings song), and of course, the aforementioned "I Saw Her Standing There." The sure to be highly collectable, vinyl-only Amoeba's Secret will be available in all three Amoeba Music stores next Tuesday (11/13) and also here at -- priced at $5.98. (Note that this rare release will not be released digitally or as a CD and since it is limited, is bound to sell out fast.)

In early September I posted an AMOEBLOG about the pending possibility for the cash-strapped Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) to be sponsored by some corporation to help it make ends meet, but likely at the cost of having to compromise and change its name to something like the Google Gate Bridge; well, the latest (good) news is that the board controlling the national monument in a recent meeting unanimously rejected proposals to accept mocbgb omfugney from corporate sponsors to help finance the financially troubled landmark.

And speaking of historic landmarks, the owners of the Bowery district New York City property that housed legendary punk rock mecca CBGB's, where countless bands kick-started their careers, have just announced that they will be turning the formerly dank and dingy, graffiti-covered club space into -- of all things -- an upscale, high-end men's fashion boutique operated by designer John Varvatos. My, how things change, and how quickly too! To think that it was only last year that CBCB's owner Hilly Kristal was quietly fighting cancer and publicly fighting to keep his club space open.

Now both are gone. CBGB's closed its doors in October 2006 when the landlord evicted Kristal and his club and then a couple of months ago (late August 2007) Kristal died of lung cancer at age 75. At that time Mss Ess did an AMOEBLOG about his passing and a few months previous to that, in May, I had done an AMOEBLOG featuring video footage of CBGB's legendary graffiti and sticker coveregram parsons live at the avalon ballroom 1969d bathroom in a piece about hardcore punk.

Finally two very very recent AMOEBLOGS, both related to the recommended new 2CD Amoeba Records release Gram Parsons with the Flying Burrito Brothers Live at the Avalon Ballroom 1969, one by myself and one by Brady from the Bay Area Crew (which has been inundated with COMMENTS), remind me to remind you NOT to miss tonight's live Gram Parsons tribute performance at the Amoeba Music Hollywood store. But don't worry if you cannot make it, since it will also be streamed live (audio/video) on this website. Showtime is 7PM (PST) today, Thursday, November 8th, 2007. Don't miss it. 

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