Project Runway Season 4! PreShow Dinner To Be Held At Red Lobster

Posted by Miss Ess, November 14, 2007 12:00pm | Post a Comment

Tonight is the night!  Project Runway is FINALLY coming back to Bravo!!  I am a huge fan of this show.  It's maybe the only reality competition show that actually RULES.

I am one of those poor unfortunate souls who does not have cable so I have eagerly anticipated each season's release on DVD, and Season 3 just came out on DVD this week also, so I will be hitting that as soon as possible as well.  Even though I already know who won Season 3, I can't wait to sink back into all the drama and the fashion.  I tend to blaze through the whole season in only a few days, so it will be interesting that for Season 4, for the first time I will actually see it all unfold each week thanks to a friend's cable!  I was a little late to the game with Project Runway, so this is actually the first time it's gonna be starting up a new season while I am on to it, and I will not miss an episode now!

Project Runway works so well because it has all these creative, intense, driven people working and living in such small quarters and under so much pressure.  It's fabulous to watch them cope with the challenges, like making evening wear out of items bought from a half hour shopping spree in a grocery store, or designing an ice skating outfit in one day for Sasha Cohen after experiencing the ice and leotards for themselves.  I love it. 

The hilarity that ensues from these circumstances is off the charts and it's so easy to get addicted to the different personalities that populate the show.  Could anyone forget this moment with Santino and Tim Gunn?

Speaking of Tim Gunn, isn't he just the greatest thing since sliced bread?  He's so elegant and well-spoken.  He's definitely my favorite thing about the show.  He brings back a little class to television.  I adore him.

Michael Kors, one of the judges, needs to lay off the spray tanner.  I love him though!  He's bitchily blunt, but you can see that sparkle in his eyes, which is just what the show needs.

Judge Nina Garcia, on the other hand, is so freaking cold!  Maybe she needs double the spray tans and an attitude adjustment to boot!  I still am not sure even that would warm her up.  She is easy to hate, sure, but when you are on this fun show, what's the point of being so serious?  She has no humor whatsoever. Michael Kors knows how to be cutting, witty and truthful without being icy, unlike Miss Nina.  She has issues.

Anyway, if you have not caught the Project Runway disease yet, what are you waiting for?  Tonight is the night!

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