Posted by Billyjam, October 24, 2007 12:22pm | Post a Comment

This recent no-holds-barred political speech (above) made in Congress by Representative Pete Stark (Democrat) --  in which he just relentlessly tells it as it is on the issues of kid's health care juxtaposed with the expense and moral issues of the war in Iraq and the GOP's stance on immigration etc. (perhaps even going a liar liar jim carreylittle over the top in some of the personal comments at Bush in making his points, but nothing obscene or anything like that) -- made me wonder how different the world would be today if more politicians constantly spoke their minds as freely as this. You know, like in that Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar, where he had no choice but to tell the truth no matter how undiplomatic it might sound.

More importantly, what if politicians also fully acted on their words by fully following through with concrete actions? And what if -- no matter what -- they stood by what they said? Note that since this speech, Pete Stark did apologize. Full story in today's LA Times.