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If, like me, you were unable to attend the San Francisco Amoeba Music instore by legendary pioneering San Francisco punk rock band Crime in celebration of their new vinyl album Exalted Masters a couple of Fridays ago, then, no doubt, you too are curious as to how the event went.

Read on to check out the review that my man David Suisman wrote about it as well as peep all 24 photos taken during the Haight Street store free, all-ages concert in the Amoeba Music online gallery right here. And as you can see from the crowd shot (below left), the show was very well attended.

Additionally, if you missed reading it in advance of the September 21st concert, you can go back and check the Bay Area Crew Amoeblog titled "San Francisco Is Still Doomed (Still)," crime instore amoeba which is a really excellent in-depth preview of the event & interview with Crime's Hank Rank and Johnny Strike. Strike incidentally was also signing copies of his new book A Loud Humming Sound Came From Above (Rudos and Rubes).

I saw Crime at Amoeba in San Francisco on Friday, September 21st. The lineup had two original members (Johnny Strike on gtr and Hank Rank on drums), with two local garage rock guys, Brett Stillo and Michael Lucas, filling in on guitar and bass. I was hoping they'd be wearing cop uniforms, which would've looked even better on their middle age frames than they did when they were young uns, but had to settle for black pants, white shirts, and black vests adorned with police badges.

Their set lasted for a half-hour or so, maybe eight numbers. Three or  four were from their new vinyl-only release, Exalted Masters. The rest was vintage stuff-- "Murdered by Guitar," "Hotwire my Heart,"  "Instrumental Instrumental" (sadly, no "San Francisco's Doomed" or "I Knew This Nurse"). They were sounding pretty ragged at first, but they tightened up considerably after the first few numbers. They all seemed to be having a good time without coming across as silly or nostalgic, so maybe they'll plan some regular gigs soon.
                                                                                     -  David Suisman

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