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Rocky (pictured above) is the best canine pal of Don Ford, who manages at the San Francisco Amoeba Music store. The happy dog's full name is Rocky Balboa, "but we just call him Rocky," says Don. The Boston Terrier will be turning four in December. "We got Rocky in January because my Pug puppy was killed at the vet when he went in for a booster shot and he went into shock," recalls Don sadly.  "The Pug's name was Brutus. It was all a sudden shock. So after a few months of grieving we decided it was time for a new puppy. So we picked Mr. Rocky Balboa. He has been amazing and so special. He is sweet, funny,  and he farts sometimes," laughed Don, adding that the energetic Mr Balboa "Is aways there with a lick or a jump up to your waist. He goes nuts to go for field trips in the car. And he loves to run at Fort Funston.  


Pictured left is Melina (AKA Donut, AKA Doglet), who is the best friend of Kara who works in the marketing offices of the Amoeba Music Hollywood store. "I like to call her a Chihuahua/fruit bat mix, but there are many theories about her origin," says Kara, who crossed paths with Melina after she was brought into the Amoeba Hollywood store by her owner -- a store regular -- who had tragically lost his home and could not find a new one that would allow pets. But luckily, from frequenting Amoeba, this former owner knew just how much the staff there loved animals, especially dogs, so he left Melina with Amoebite Kim to find the little pooch a safe and loving new home. Kara babysat Melina just once and instantly knew that she would be the one would adopt the little cutie and provide her with that loving new home. "So she now lives in Santa Monica," says Kara. There the dog keeps a good guard over her front yard while laying in the sun every morning with her toys. Kara noted that Melina pulls her weight too. "She works a few days a week in the marketing office -- taking calls, booking in-stores and playing fetch in the hallway when she needs to stretch her legs. Her hobbies include: gazing longingly at people trying to eat in the break room, getting visits from her many friends around the store, barking at skateboards and burrowing under blankets." Melina also enjoys trips to the dog park, driving up the coast to look for birds to chase (which she never catches), looking cute, and any food you'd maybe like to part with. "I was amazingly lucky to have this special dog cross my path!!"

Interesting fact: "Little dogs really do get cold! She needed a sweater, really!!" said Kara, noting that the red sweater being modeled by Melina in the above picture was hand knitted by Amoeba recording artist Brandi Shearer, herself a dog owner whose pooch will be featured in the next AMOEBADOG BLOG Part III.

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