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Amoebite Heather, who has appeared on past Amoeba Music Compilation releases and who currently performs (armed with ukulele, soulful voice, and winning aura) under the moniker Uni and her Ukulele, is always quite the productive artist. Here is her latest news update, which, along with video clips and concert & tour news, includes some good solid life-advice care of her Aunt Tootie...all brought to you by the letter U!          

Before I get down to the real nitty gritty about Uke Festivals, Glamtrak Tours, photo shoots, and Club Unicornbread's show this Friday, I wanted to share a personal story with U. When I moved to L.A. my Aunt Tootie gave me a picture with a girl sitting by a brook. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a gunisack dress. The girl in the picture is blowing bubbles into the wind that at some point become butterflies. On the back of this picture my aunt wrote me a letter. What she said still sticks in my mind to this day. She wrote, "Take time to blow Bubbles."                      

As Mariel a la Mode and I were taking promotion pictures for our Glamtrak Tour (photos by
Lenny Gonzalez) I just so happened to have a bottle of bubbles in my suitcase. As I was blowing them into the wind, (camera goes click click) images [popped in my head] of my Hollywood Amoeba Music Instore performance when Uncle Kenny blew bubbles on me, while Brently's daughter Micha danced around me while I played. I also remembered all the rad kids in Merced who had like 20 bottles worth, were blowi
ng them on me while they sang along to my song "See Your Face Again."

Now that Mariel and I are getting ready to do something only a nutjob would do, and ride the Amtrak around the country in search for new friends, places to play, sparkles to hand out, and smiles to be made, I think of what my aunt told me. And even though it's hard, I'm taking time to blow them bubbles. I ask U do the same in your own life.                


S.F. Ukulele Festival was amazing!! A shout out to Tippy Canoe and the Paper Dolls and here is a link to some lovely photos of the event.

What Is the Glamtrak Tour U may ask yourself? Mariel and I are going on a tour of the states all of November. We made an Infomercial! explaining the Tour and givin' U the 411 about our Combo deals that we need to sell like 20 more to meet our goal on Oct 1st, so we can pay for our Amtrak tickets.

Please watch video and order today! Remember, Christmas Is Coming! And we all know Christmas Is the Best!

Last thing!

This Friday September, 14 2007 at Bottlecapp 180 Capp St., 3rd Floor, San Francisco, California
Cost $5, 9pm sharp

It's the CU International Treasure hunt show. Only we did all the hunting and present you with the treasure. With Uni and Her Ukelele, Poopy Lickles, Dick and Jane (from Chico), Ibid (from Merced), Delialah (London/SF), Ryan Styles (London), The Lovely Public (SF) 100s of Dismembered Handbags (SF), and a birthday lapdance for Gabe Wheeler!

U won't want to miss it! And bring your bubbles and we'll blow them together -- ding!

p.s. Mariel and I are still looking for places to play and stay in our God's great country of America
please help us out!

Uni and her Ukelele Song-Seamstress Rock Vocalist Extraordinaire!

Mariel a la Mode Cheeky Burlesque Songstress Circus Showgirl!

We need gigs in these towns on these dates!
Nov. 5th-6th San Antonio TX
Nov. 7th-8th Austin TX
(Sorry Arkansas, we will not be able to stop, due to
the Amtrak schedule. If U want to, meet us in St. Louis
or Chicago)
Nov. 10th-11th arrive St. Louis
Nov. 11th-13th Carbondale
Nov. 13th Champaigne-Urbana
Nov. 14th-16th Chicago
Nov 17th-19th Albuquerque!!
Nov. 19th Heading back to LA
Going home (San Francisco) for Thanksgiving
Nov. 23rd Fresno
Nov. 24th Il Corral with Shadow Circus (L.A.)
Nov. 25th Merced
Nov. 26th-28 San Francisco
Nov. 29th Chico
Nov. 30th Sacramento
Volume 1 Glamtrak Tour Ends...

ding! dong! Ding!

Ukelele Loving Unicorn Window Display! 
photo credits: Lenny Gonzalez

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