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Harley, a Black Labrador Retriever, is almost four years old. She is best pals with Lori, who works as a manager at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store.  The two start every day by going up to Lake Chabot for an invigorating morning walk/run. "My other dog Cody passed away and someone who worked at Amoeba put me in touch with someone whose dog had just had a litter. All seven of the litter were girls," recalled Lori. "Organic dairy farmers out in Cloverdale  -- so we went out there and saw her at 4 weeks and then at again at 7 weeks old when we picked her up." Lori notes that Harley has a good "dog friend" in a fellow AmoebaDog. "I share an office with Naomi and Harley and Liebchen (scroll down to see her profile) get along really well together," she smiled. 


Kahless (rhymes with Payless) is an Australian Cattle Dog and is the best friend of Paul Vasquez, who works in the world music section of Amoeba Music Hollywood. Recently Paul recalled that fateful day three years ago when he and Kahless first crossed paths. "It was one afternoon in April 2004; I was looking for a dog at the animal shelter in Pomona. I looked at plenty of animals, but none of them really caught my eye. On the way out, I saw a picture on a bulletin board of a dog with beautiful eyes and super crazy spots. I looked to my left, and there he was in his little cell. I went to him and knelt down to see his reaction. No barking, no weirdness, just eye contact and a wagging tail. All of a sudden he put one of his paws through the bars onto my knee. That was it. I chose him and he chose me. We've been best friends ever since."


Levi Las Vegas! (or simply Vegas, as he is known to his many admirers) is a seven and a half year old Terrier who (you could say) works at Amoeba Music Hollywood. "He's very well known at the Hollywood store, mostly for finding dead stinky mice in small spaces throughout the store...and for attacking the vacuum cleaners of the cleaning staff," laughed Vegas' best friend Kristen, who works as one of the new music buyers at the SoCal Amoeba. As for Vegas' breed, she explained: "He is a Rat Terrier -- not an AKC recognized breed--basically Fox Terrier, mixed with a little Beagle." As for how Kirsten and Vegas became best friends? "I wanted a Jack Russell type of dog, but a little bigger. My grandfather had rat terriers on his farm (to keep rat population under control). So I had him shipped out from Oklahoma (breed a lot of rat terriers out there for squirrel huntin')."


, whose name means "my little love" in German and who just celebrated her first birthday last week, is the best friend of Naomi who works in marketing at both the Berkeley and San Francisco Amoeba Musics. Of her lovable little pal she says,  "She's a mix between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog, more fashionably known as a Faux Frenchbo. My sister works as an animal technician at a vet hospital and happened to encounter a client who decided to give the little puppy Liebchen away. Knowing how much I wanted to adopt a puppy from either breed, my sister chose to do the sweetest thing she's ever done for me and gave me my little girl for Christmas. My sister's also helped me out quite a bit with raising her and training her properly -- thanks Anna!" Liebchen has been a positive force, says Naomi. "B.C. (before canine) life was good, but a little quiet at home. I was lucky enough to have adopted such a really sweet dog with a lot of personality and that most people really enjoy. She's also brought my sister and I closer, which is nice too."


Robby is a ten year old Boxer. He is the best friend of Gabriella from the DVD department at the Hollywood Amoeba Music store, who speaks very highly of Robby: "I love him like my baby. He is the best dog in the world!" Boxers, whose origins are traced back to Germany in the 1800's, are generally very playful, energetic, and intelligent canines. As anyone who has one will quickly tell you, they are most loyal companions and make for excellent family pets. For more on boxers -- whether you have one or are considering buying or adopting one, or even if you might be interested in breeding them -- a pretty good website to visit is


Amoeba Music is a very special store in many ways, including the fact that it is a "dog-friendly" business -- one that does not discriminate against canines, but rather welcomes them and always has complimentary doggie treats (biscuits etc) at each of its three locations: Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood. This canine-themed AMOEBLOG is the first part in what will hopefully become a full series of AmoebaDog Blogs. Special thanks to Amoebites Naomi, Paul, Lori, Kristen, and Gabriella for sharing in this AMOEBLOG. If you too are a dog-owning Amoeba employee (Amoebite) or an Amoeba Music customer that would like to be included in a future AMOEBADOG-AMOEBLOG feature, please contact me at:                                                                     

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