The Love Boat - Soon We'll Be Making Another Run

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This might be exciting news for others beyond myself, my grandmother and Brad:

It's now being reported that The Love Boat will be released on DVD next year, possibly in the spring!!the love boat cast Now through the winter we'll have thoughts of those gorgeous warmer climes of the Love Boat's destinations to keep our brains toasty with anticipation! 

the love boat I have so many fond memories of watching The Love Boat!  It really is one of the greatest ideas for a TV show ever.  Only a genius like Aaron Spelling could essentially give us a floating and neatly packaged visual romance novel every week.  There's so much to see-- Skin! Beaches! Glitz! Glamour! Scandals and mishaps galore!  Gopher making a fool of himself!  Isaac giving "The Point" at the beginning of each episode!  It makes me happy just to think of it all, and to own an entire season and have it at arm's reach at any given moment, it's almost too much for me!  The concept works particularly well because there are your favorite crew characters who appear each week and then there's the constantly charorevolving cast of vacationers who can interact with the regular cast or have their own storylines....and then there's all that scenery!  And room for celebrity guest appearances!  Oh I love it so!

It's taken so long for this to arrive on DVD and I am not sure why-- I feel like whoever in charge is finally waking up to realize the public is hungry for the kind of grand escapism The Love Boat offers.  Maybe they had to get clearance from Charo and Carol Channing and Florence Henderson and all those other guest stars who made so many appearances on the program.  Who knows.  But thank god almighty,bernie kopell doc dr bricker love boat our day is almost here, fellow Love Boat fans!

Entertainment Weekly recently ran this fantastic and dishy article with the cast of Love Boat.  There's so much to learn about behind the scenes action--  The Turkish Cab Balloon Incident! Cynthia Lauren Tewes' (Julie) coke habit, hallucinations, and subsequent firing!  Bernie Kopell's  (Dr. Bricker) oozing sex appeal!  The truth at last. I think this article is a must read.

And here's the intro, just to further whet your appetite:

Looks like this was from a fashion oriented episode, with guest stars like Halston, Gloria Vanderbilt and others.  Who else would bring them to us but The Love Boat?  Poor Elke Sommer is looking rough though!  And Julie is looking cokehead skinny.......

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