The Employee Interview Part X: Leah

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Miss Leah
Cashier Manager
3 Years Employment

ME: Hi Leah.  So, what music was playing around your house when you were a kid and before youthe beatles had a choice?

L.B.: The Beatles.

Which albums?

I don't remember any specific one, just kind of all of them.

Do you remember a song or artist in particular that you really attached to and that became an obsession when you were a kid?

There wasn't really any particular artist but there are songs I always remember hearing and I associate with be a kid, two specifically:  One was a Supertramp song and one was "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.

Wow, I have no idea what that is.

You probably would if you heard it.

rem Do you remember the first show you ever went to?

The first show I went to was REM when I was in 8th grade, the first like bigger show.  It was in Worcester, Mass.  I can't remember who they played with-- I think it was the Indigo Girls!

I just interviewed Sabrina, who is also from Boston, and I asked her about the scene.  What is your take on the scene and what are/were your favorite bands from there?

Well, when I was in high school a lot of my friends were in local hardcore bands and that scene at the time (like the early 90s) was totally fun.  It was a good time in Boston.  Lots of good times, good energy and at the time we thought it was good music.  Lots of kids were straight edge then and they weren't like preachysonic youth about it.  A lot of the bands I liked when I was in high school broke up cause they were local bands and they went to college and got into different things.  I would go to tons of shows and they weren't all hardcore shows, like I saw lots of "alternative" rock shows at the Orpheum.  It's kind of like the Warfield but more decrepit.  They closed it down for a while, so when Sabrina started going it was a totally different generation of shows there.  I saw the Sugarcubes and Sonic Youth there and stuff like that.

Yeah, Sabrina's younger so she was taking about ska. 

The ska scene I wasn't a big fan of but I saw the Toasters once when I was a freshman in college at the Middle Eastern.

What is your favorite local band here in San Fran?

I'd say Citay is always a good one.  I remember when Andrew (Julie in the band's boyfriend) and I were their biggest fans and had been to the most Citay shows.  This was before they became "known".

citay warren huegel diego gonzalez tahliaWhat's your favorite venue here?

Great American Music Hall
.  I like how cozy Cafe Du Nord is and it's close to my house, and I like Bimbo's because it always sounds great and it's a great space.

Bimbo's has the best bathroom.

Actually I really like the bathroom at the Make Out Room even though I don't like it there that much.  It's painted peach and it has black trim and they have old Valentine candy boxes above the bar.

What is the last show you went to?

Last week I went to see Dame Satan at Cafe Du Nord.

Did Last of the Blacksmiths play too?

They didn't but Bert [Last of the Blacksmith's drummer] played drums with them and he was kind of improvising, but it sounded really good.

What's the best show you have ever been to?

Mission of Burma at the Fillmore.  It was their first show when they went on tour again after 20joe strummer the clash something years of not playing.  It wasn't the best of all the times I have seen them since then but it was the best cause it was just great to see them, and since they are one of my favorite bands I was psyched.  Another show I've seen that stood out was Joe Strummer, which I wouldn't even have seen-- my boyfriend at the time had tickets and wanted to go.  I went not expecting much and it was one of the best shows ever. 

I know that feeling.  You know, for some odd reason I always thought I would marry Joe Strummer.  When he died I was totally shocked and sad we never the chance to get it together!

dinosaur jr j mascis lou barlow I always wanted to marry Lou Barlow even though he's happily married now.

I always used to say he had the best hair in indie rock.  It seems so effortless and that is so key to his whole look.

I think that right now J Mascis has the best hair cause it's so shiny and healthy and long and pretty.

I agree, it's fantastic.  I love that he wore the shoes he designed for Nike to his own instore here at Amoeba.  Hedinosaur jr nike j mascis probably wears them all the time, and he should! Anyway, back to Lou-- what is your favorite Sebadoh/Sebadoh- related song and why?

Well Bakesale is my favorite album for sure.  I have to think of song titles.

Mine is "Rebound" on that little ep [also entitled Rebound].  At least that's the one that first came to mind.

sebadoh bakesale album cover Most of my favorite Sebadoh songs are actually not by Lou Barlow, although "Not Too Amused" is one of my favorites.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

I love to listen to the 10 At 10 on KFOG and Love Songs After Dark on KOIT.

That is a guilty pleasure!  I love it.

I used to schedule my dentist appointments at 10am so I could listen to the 10 At 10!

I hear it in my car on the radio on the way to work a lot, today included.  I always come in partway through so I have to figure out what year it is.  I like it when it's the late 60s or early 90s.

You know on Saturdays they do a 10 At 10 marathon of all the week's shows. 

I don't like the announcer, not Dave Morey, the other guy.  I'm over it.  Yet I still endure it almostkelly clarkson american idol every day!

One more guilty pleasure:  The last Kelly Clarkson album I love.  A lot.

You and [coworker] Janell!  Wow, you are brave.  What have you been listening to lately besides Kelly Clarkson?

I've been listening to Do Make Say Think a lot.  My boyfriend is super into reggae -- dub.

Dump him!  Just kidding.  I hate that my very own  boyfriend also likes reggae.  Sorry, it's horrifies me more than pretty much anything. 

I like a lot of it.

Let's just change the subject then:  What's your favorite Japanese rock band and why?

boredoms band Even though everyone else probably says it, I'd probably say the Boredoms.  Just because.  And even though they are not Japanese, their singer is Japanese and I love Blonde Redhead. I was listening to La Mia Vita Violenta this morning, which I haven't heard in a while.

What's your best find at Amoeba?

Joseph Heller reading Catch 22 on vinyl.

Did you listen to the whole thing ever?

No.  But I still love it cause it's one of my favorite books.

I feel like this is an important question to start asking people, and since we've already talked some about them, I need to know:  Who is your favorite Beatle and why? In life I feel like if you don't like the Beatles you are suspect!

I always liked George because he wasn't Paul and he wasn't John.  My mom had a poster of them hanging in our downstairs bathroom growing up and I always thought he was the cutest on that poster.

What year is the poster from?  What do they look like? george harrison beatles

Like from 1965 or something.  They still have the mop tops. 

Is there a record or band you'd like to mention that is a personal favorite that you wish more people listened to?

Psychic Paramount -- they're not very popular but they rule.  I saw them at the Hemlock and it was the loudest thing I have ever heard and it was so great.  Also Turing Machine are great and they are not very popular either for some reason.  They're instrumental and guitar-y.

You just got back from a big trip-- what are people listening to in Russia? 

When I was in Moscow I watched a lot of Russian MTV and there's a bunch of random Russian pop singers that were pretty corny that they like but they seem to be really into bands like Fall Out Boy an Gym Class Heroes and stuff like that.

russians Weird.

There were lots of ads for ring tones with Russian songs.  My favorite one was the Gummy Bear song-- "Gummy Gummy Gummy Bear....." It was so stupid.

What is your favorite thing about working here at Amoeba?

The people-- it's fun to be around people you like all the time listening to music-- the simple things.

I agree.  Thank you for your time.

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