Further Tales of the City

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I'm so disappointed.  I've just finished watching Further Tales of the City and it was only one disc's worth of a show.  They have it packaged in two jewel cases, so I just assumed I had a whole 'nother disc waiting for my viewing pleasure this evening.  Imagine my heartbreak upon discovering the second disc is devoted to "Special Features" only.  What a letdown!  Not to start with the negative, though, I mean the reason I am so sad is--

I really grew attached to this series as it unfolded.  The characters were real to me, the way they become in any film/series when each person really pops off the screen and into one's brain.   I don't want to ruin any of the plot details for anyone so I can't really say much, but I will say I had nightmares last night about Mouse and Jon and what might become of them-- that's how kooky I am about this show.  I thought I was gonna get to see more of their story today but NO, that was it.  Guess I am gonna have to go get those Tales of the City books now to get my fix.

Further Tales of the City is the final installment of the Tales of the City series. I would say it's the most racy, and it's also one looooooong episode as opposed to the format of the others, which each had a bunch of hour or so long episodes.  As my boyfriend and I continued watching and watching, kinda waiting for it to end and at the same time on the edge of our couch as the stories unfolded, 3+ hours passed -- we couldn't believe it had been on that long at the end.

This installment is truly bizarre!  It's funny how the characters in the series are in so many ways so true to life, but author Armistead Maupin places them in the most insanely unbelievable situations.  One of Further Tales' most prominent storylines involves that well known cult leader, Jim Jones, who the show imagines has really not died in Guyana-- actually, he's living in a shed in Golden Gate Park, unmoved by the police!  Of course he gets himself entangled with the Tales characters, to far fetched but entertaining results.  Another storyline has Mouse off to Los Angeles to party at the home of a famous but closeted Hollywood leading man...well, maybe that one is a little more plausible!

I can't recommend this whole series enough!  I feel like the entire thing was created with so much love and so much empathy for everyone grappling their way through life.  I like this quote by Armistead about being a writer who also happens to be gay:

"One of the things that I saw as different about what I was doing was that I was allowing a little air into the situation by actually placing gay people in the context of the world at large. Most gay fiction that I was reading when I was coming out in the early 70s made me claustrophobic because it only dealt with the life of the gay bar and everybody in it was gay -- often gay and male and there weren't even any lesbians in the picture. That didn't make me feel the way I wanted to feel about life and it didn't correspond with the life that I was living in San Francisco which was wonderfully mixed up in terms of the people that came and went in my life and that was part of the enormous exhilaration of it. It felt revolutionary."

Tales of the City feels real and is so absorbing because the people inhabiting the series feel like  people we know and love.  It actually does feel revolutionary because it feels true!  Well, maybe not the whole Jim Jones thing, but whatever.

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