mixology #1

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Well right now my wife is making homemade preserves, and then canning them … I’m not sure who this person is, but I do recognize her in that pair of Levi’s …

Mixology: well I am an old timer, so whenever I here that word, I think of cocktails. Then again, I often think of cocktails. Do you know that one of the oldest known cocktails was first concocted in New Orleans in the 1850’s? Called a Sazerac, it mixes Cognac with bitters. Just useless information I  picked up along the way, back when I ran a
speakeasy in the old country.

So I was thinking that many adult beverages would benefit by a soundtrack, the right
soundtrack. Humankind’s millenniums-long fascination with booze and music (they go hand in hand) is in many respects the zenith of civilization. I bet early humans invented some kind of alcohol long before they discovered fire or invented the wheel or prostitution or god. Perhaps music existed before the advent of booze. I’m not sure. But then came club owners, and it’s been down hill ever since.

It is a widely acknowledged thought that I am a man who enjoys his Irish and Scotch Whiskey. As sinful as it sounds, I often like my whiskey with a couple cubes of ice, and sometimes I even enjoy a whiskey with a splash of seltzer, like my man Sinatra.

Here we go, today’s taste:  Jameson Irish Whiskey. The back of the bottle reads, “John Jameson founded his whiskey distillery in Dublin in the year 1780.  All the craft of the centuries-old tradition of making Irish whiskey is used to produce ‘Jameson.’ From the rich countryside of Ireland comes nature’s finest barley and crystal clear water. These natural ingredients are carefully distilled 3 times, and slowly matured for long years in oak casks to create the natural smooth whiskey that is Jameson.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Well Whitmore, what do you like to
listen to while you’re sipping an18-year-old Jameson?” (I had a
significant birthday this summer, so I deserve top shelf and I  think you do too). Of course my answer is:

1- I’d like to start off with maybe a little pop number but with a   rich deep golden honey sound. Nina Simone singing "My Baby
Just Cares for Me."

2 - Follow that with some muted sherry notes, a touch of wood, a little spicy toffee: I like Lila Downs here, maybe “Naila.”  

3 - Next, I think a track with more complex flavors would fit here
nicely: mellow and smooth, with hints of wood and leather, and
gentle sherry nuttiness. May I suggest a cut from Areski, “Le Brouillard?” This track appears on both his lone solo record and the legendary Brigitte Fontaine with The Art Ensemble of Chicago album “Comme a la Radio.”

4 - And to finish, I had trouble deciding between the Dirty 3 and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Today I’ve decided on the GYBE and I would suggest something lingering, carrying once more some notes of wood, vanilla and spice to the very end - “Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven.” Savor these last drops. Let it tickle your tongue. Feel its warmth. Close your eyes. See the centuries lay out before you, right there, shimmering alongside your dreams.

Side note: all these tracks I suggest are available either online or on CD. And Jameson’s company motto, "Sine Metu," means "Without Fear".

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