10 Suggestions For A Summer Mix - Gomez Comes Alive! Favorite tracks of 2007 (So Far)

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track                                         artists                                                    album title

Cumbia De Los Aburridos     Calle 13                                                 Residente o Vistante
Oración Acere                          Spam All-Stars                                     Eletrodomésticos
Para No Vivir Desesperado  Mexican Institute Of Sound                Pinata
Mundo Insólito                         Toy Selectah & Up Bustle & Out       Mexican Sessions
Tifit Hayed                                 Wganda Kenya                                   Colombia!
Tambo Iya                                 Ricardo Eddy Martinez                      Si Para Usted
Grande de Cadera                  Sonidero Nacional                             Tributo A Los Mas Grandes
Crazy In Kingston                    Beatconductor                                     The Greastest Hits of GAMM
Café Con Sangre                    Jose Conde Y Ola Fresca                 Revolucion
Nuestras Demandas               B-Side Players                                    Fire In The Youth

The Calle 13 track is Cumbia-Reggaeton mix that uses traditional Vallenato instrumentation.

The Spam All-Star track is an electronica-cuban mix. Very cool

M.I.S. is perfect for those with the Frankenstein Cumbia dance steps. (see previous blog)

Up Bustle & Out's Mexican Sessions is one of my favorites releases of this year.

I've played the Tifit Hayed track to death at the clubs. Great drum break and chant in the beginning & end.

Tambo Iya sounds like If Stereolab was from Cuba. Has a slight Brazilian feel to it.

Grande De Cadera is a Bronco hit revitalized by Sonidero Nacional

Crazy In Kingston is a mash-up of Beyonce's "Right Now" and reggae music. too cool.

Cafe Con Sangre is modern Cuba at its best. Mix of Salsa, Reggae & Soul.

I'm not a B-Side Players fan at all but I've liked this track ever since I heard it on a Dodgers commercial for their annual Viva Los Dodgers concert. Cool horns & keys with a Jarana playing the reggae downbeat.

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