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The Simpsons' intro, with real life humans filling in as the animated family members Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, made in the UK as a promo for the TV show's 17th season in March of this year, continues to grow in popularity online. As of today on YouTube it has gotten well over sixteen million views. And that is just on that site. The video clip is also posted on numerous other popular sites, such as ebaums world, where it is also getting repeated hits -- all of which reportedly have increased in recent weeks following the release of the Simpsons Movie.

The short clip, which accurately re-enacts the title sequence of the animated show with real actors such as at the very beginning of each episode, when the camera zooms into a schoolroom to Bart (above) writing in chalk on the blackboard, got the full approval of Simpsons maker Matt Groening. If you haven't already, see the one-minute video clip that uses the original Simpsons intro theme below and witness the actors' and film-makers' accurate portrayals of each character. Like the TV show, the clip ends with the whole family squeezed on the sofa ready to watch TV- - only in this version they are about to watch the cartoon version of the Simpsons.

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