We Already Knew This, But Miss Dolly Parton Is One Smart Broad!

Posted by Miss Ess, August 2, 2007 01:54pm | Post a Comment
One of my all time favorites, Miss Dolly Parton, is also one shrewd business lady!
dolly parton guitar
After shopping around for a new record label, she has decided to instead start her own record label:
Dolly Records!  Her first album for the label will be released in February!
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AND the most exciting part is that she will be touring in March!!!!  PLEASE Dolly, stop somewhere in the Bay Area.  We are tragically ignored by Miss Parton for reasons I do not understand.  Clearly, there are soooooooo many fans here....... she hopefully noticed when she played the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival a few years back. Thousands came out and packed the field just to catch a glimpse of and a tune from Dolly.

dolly parton
I had the honor of attending and, as I have mentioned before in this blog, I was brought to tears, and no, it had nothing to do with her blinding turquoise ice skating type dress.

Although the spectacle of it certainly did add to the experience.
I am ready for a full set in an indoor venue. BRING IT DOLLY!

By creating her own record label, Miss Parton stands to make much, much more dough and have much, much more freedom to create whatever she pleases than if dolly partonsomeone else had control of her record(s).

It's really exciting to me that someone as big time as Dolly Parton is making a move as sort of revolutionary as this. It's not so often that someone this huge breaks away like this.

I mean, what she can do for herself will be so much greater than what any label could do for her. It's an exciting move.

Apparently her new album will be "mainstream country" style.  Slick production, whatever-- I, for one, cannot wait!

Now all I need to fully prepare myself for this onslaught of Dolly goodness is a winter jaunt to DollywoodPigeon Forge, here I come!

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