Roddy Woomble...My Secret is my Silence

Posted by Brad Schelden, July 8, 2007 12:21pm | Post a Comment
After a very slow week of nothing last week, this week coming up is crazy. July 10th is such a big new release date that I have to get an early start. It is the big week where Interpol and Spoon will battle it out for the number one spot at Amoeba. I am betting on Interpol.  Idlewild just put out a new album not too long ago. It was called "Make Another World." Around the same time Roddy Woomble, the singer with the group was working on slower and more folky songs. He decided to put out a solo album using these different, less Idlewild songs. This album, "My Secret is My Silence" is finally coming out domestic on Tuesday. It has been out for almost a year as an import. But I have patiently been waiting and actually have not ever heard it until a couple weeks ago.

 Idlewild has been one of my favorites over the last 10 years. They got their start in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1995. I was first introduced to them with their first real album "Hope is Important." I really liked the album. But they quickly became one of my favorites with the release of  "100 Broken Windows" in 2000. The songs are super catchy and not really too far off from what you could expect from an indie band from the U.S. Sort of similar to R.E.M. It is really their lyrics that set them apart. Very literary lyrics. Its almost like reading a book or maybe a collection of poems when you read the lyrics. Much like Morrissey, Roddy is a man obsessed with literature and authors. He did name his band after the book "Anne of Green Gables." There is really nothing like 100 Broken Windows. It easily was one of my favorites of 2000. I still go back to it every once in awhile. And it is still as great as it was when I first heard it.

 This new solo album is really nothing like any of the Idlewild albums. I have not heard very many traditional Scottish Folk albums. But this is sort of what I would imagine them to sound like. The album makes me want to get up and do a traditional Scottish Jig when I listen to it. I don't even really know how to do that but I just tried. It also reminds me of the Pogues every once in a while. I do always get Scotland and Ireland confused. But Scottish folk does tend to borrow a lot from that of Ireland. I was expecting some bagpipes.  However there are no bagpipes on this album.  The album features vocals from folk singer Karine Polwart and is produced by folky John McCuster. I didn't really think I was going to like this album. I am not much for the folk music. But I did end up enjoying this album. Maybe this will be my introduction to folk music. But I seriously doubt it. I have been obsessed with Roddy and Idlewild for a while. This is really what is making me like the album. But I would always rather listen to an Idlewild album. Roddy is good here when exploring other types of music. But he really is best when he is with his band Idlewild.

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