klaxons at great american music hall

Posted by Brad Schelden, July 12, 2007 07:05pm | Post a Comment
So last night I finally go to see the Klaxons live. I refuse to go to popscene, so I had to wait for them to play a real show. They played at the Great American Music Hall. Not exactly where I expected to see them, but I do love it there. I have seen some amazing shows there and always love to look at the great architecture and ceiling. Curt actually told me that he would love to be the person who paints those ceilings, at least in his next life. However, I don't think I could handle being suspended from the ceiling like that. We eventually scored some seats in the upstairs area usually reserved for people eating dinner. But I think I only saw one person eating  dinner last night. It is kind of a weird thing to eat while a band is playing. Isn't that what you do before you go to a show? Dinner theater is one thing or maybe eating during a 3 hour Celine Dion performance. But not during the Klaxons. Last night was also the night of mistaken identities. Curt swore he saw my coworker Margo upstairs. But I didn't think it was her until we went upstairs to investigate and I saw her tattoo. But right in front of me, I swear I saw another coworker Nick, who also happens to look like one of the guys in Chromeo. But as soon as he turned around, probably cause I was staring at him, I realized it was not him. We did get some good people watching in, once we got our seats upstairs.

Opening up for the Klaxons was Fist Fite. We planned on missing them but ended up getting there early since we only live a couple blocks away Another reason that I love the Great American Music Hall.  But they ended up being awesome. Like a mix between the Gossip and the Lost Sounds. They are from Portland and really just the kind of band I think of when I think of Portland. The singer sang the entire show through a telephone. But she had trouble balancing the phone between her head and shoulder while playing keyboards. So she eventually got someone from the audience to help her tape it to her head. They had really great stage energy and played super fun loud music. Both bands actually made comments about San Francisco audiences being better than L.A. And I have to agree. I have been to many L.A. shows and they just don't dance or get excited down there as much as up here. I am really glad we got there early to see them. They currently don't have a CD out but I will be patiently waiting for one.

When I first heard the Klaxons, they reminded me of this video game "Klax." Me and my friend played it a bunch when I was at yearbook camp in high school. And ever since I have been trying to find it again. It was kind of like tetris but with bigger squares like blocks. And of course the music was cooler that tetris. It was released on nintendo and atari as well. I got a bit obsessed with it for a bit. Somebody actually remade the game and called it packin' plax. You can actually see some of the same graphics in the game cartridge for Klax and the Klaxons album cover. I think we know where they got their inspiration.

The Klaxons really impressed me with their live show. I really like the album "Myths of the New Future." But I was not sure they would be able to pull it off live. Since they only have this one album, they basically played the whole thing. But it was awesome. I spent a lot of the show looking for kids with New Rave printed on the back of their shirt in neon letters. I didn't find any but I did see a couple glow sticks.

The New Rave genre that got tagged on to the Klaxons makes me laugh. It seems to have started as a joke by the band but the media latched onto it. While they have adopted some updated rave fashion sense. They are basically just another arty experimental electro british indie band. So you really have to move beyond the New Rave tag and just appreciate them for what they are. They do write some catchy songs.They remind me of some of the early 9o's british bands like the Charlatans and Soup Dragons.  But obviously with a more modern sound. It is always fun to see a band have fun on stage. Maybe its because they are still new. Or maybe its the drugs that they were probably on. But I was totally impressed with the Klaxons and now I like them even more.

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