Metal Rules!

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, June 29, 2007 08:26pm | Post a Comment
Almost one year ago, I took my first steps into the world of Metal.  Having grown terribly bored with the state of Rock and Roll, I turned to my fellow record store employees to guide me.  (Seriously, is there any better place to work if you are a music junkie?  Didn't think so.)

So I asked Ben first.  "If one wanted to listen to some metal, where would be a good place to start?"  We decided that stoner/doom/drone metal was a good start (wonder why?).

So I began with, among others, Electric Wizard, Sunn 0))), Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Earth, Burning Witch and Khanate.  (Ahh yes. You picked up on the Greg Anderson/Stephen O'Malley thread.) 

And suddenly, I felt at home.  It was like I found something I had always needed but never knew I needed, you know what I mean?  I usually like my rock heavy, fast and loud, (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath etc.) but the droning, thick, mangled guitar riffs, and the hheeeaaavvvvvvyyyyyy, slooooow drums kicked my ass!

And can I just say that Earthless is one of my favorite bands... like EVER.

I was ravenous...  I dove into Black Metal next with Stevil's help.  This is where I really went crazy.  Darkthrone, Burzum, Craft, Carpathian Forest, Old Wainds, Leviathan, oh, but to name a few.  The pain and torture in the vocals rips right through your heart, but in the best way possible. 

Kindle gave me At The Gates, Black Dahlia Murder and High on Fire.

And did I mention Earthless... 
Oh yeah.  But seriously, check them out. 

AHHHHH!!!!  There is this whole world out there that is dark, aggressive, tortured and pissed off.  And I find it amazing. 

So.  "What's the point of all this?"  you might be asking yourself.  Well, I'll tell you the fucking point.  This Fourth of July, to mark the end of my 1st year in Metal Heaven (or would it be Hell?), Sunn O))), Earth, Weedeater and Wolves in the Throne Room will be performing at the Independent.

Do you understand what an amazing show this is going to be?  You must not because YOU DON'T HAVE A TICKET!  Get a ticket.  Like, NOW! 

On top of all of the heaping piles of steamy happiness that this year in music has meant to me, Earth is performing LIVE AT AMOEBA MUSIC on July 5.  Do you understand what an amazing show this is going to be?  I mean, I hate to repeat myself but I guess I just did...   Only this time no one needs a ticket because the show is FREE. 

To recap:  Metal rules.  Fourth of July at the Independent is going to rule.  Free shows rule. 

-maggie the cat

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