Hey Uni, you look young for your age, but ...

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I figure I'll just quote what is already written by a man who quite bright, handsome and talented!

"My good friend and long time collaborator, Uni & Her Ukelele has had her Myspace page deleted. This 30 year old singer songwriter has been told she is not old enough to have a Myspace Account.

This is the email she received from the esteemed site:


Please note that you do not meet the required age limit as per's Terms of Service, or you have misrepresented your
age on the system.
We deleted your account because you have violated the Terms of Service.

Do not create another account on until you reach the
required age, or use the correct age on your profile if you are old enough to
have an account.

If you meet our required age limit, please sign up with your correct
Thank you,

Yeah, way to go fellas! Usually you don't discuss a lady's age, but rest assured that Miss Uni is over 21!! That's right: driver license, drinking, voting and can die in the military of our United States!

I should also add that the orginal article, quoted above, doesn't have a link attached to the word esteemed, I'm just linky that way! Or bitchy, whatever.

I encourage all Digg'ers out there to Digg the article as linked above, and once more for your convenience!

We Digg Uni! Hey man, independent artists spend a lot of time on their pages, and I happen to know of artists on there who are so very under 18, but I don't want to narc them out and smoosh their happiness, cause the lovely kids I am thinking about are swell!

                                                                Do the right thing, Digg Uni!

Also? Myspace, get it together, dudes. Honestly. You will be Friendster'd by Facebook in about 6 months at this rate:

Hello? Hello?

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