top 12 british albums of the early 90's...that need reissues!

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In my continuing series of lists, here is my next list. I was thinking again about how much I love the reissues. Those great 2 CD remastered deluxe versions. I get very excited when my favorite albums get the deluxe treatment. There has been a lot of deluxing over the last couple years of some of my favorites from the 70's and 80's.

But not much from that very important time in music which was the early 90's. I might be a bit biased about this period since this is also the period in which I graduated high school and started college. A period when my obsession with music and bands really developed. There have already been some great Slowdive and Pulp reissues, so those will not be on the list. The first two Ride albums "Going Blank Again" and "Nowhere" have also been reissued. But all these reissues are just imports, so I'm still hopeful they will be cheaper domestic versions out soon. There is a possibility that Morrissey will be going back to Warner! He is currently without a label again. Which is great news, since that is where his catalogue as well as the Smith's resides. It can't be too long until we see some great Rhino style Smiths and Morrissey reissues!

I originally was going to go through my CDs and just grab the ones that stood out from the 90s. When I was done, I looked at all the albums and realized all the bands were from England and all the albums were put out in the early 90's. I also realized these were the dirtiest and most used CD's in my collection. They have been through a lot and have been played many times and traveled all up and down the coast of California. It started out as 10 but quickly changed to 12. I could have easily went on and made a list of 25 but I had to stop somewhere. So here it is....My list of the top 12 british albums of the early 90's that I would like to see reissued...

Lush "Spooky" (1992) 4AD/Reprise

This was the second album from Lush and remains one of my favorites. The band unfortunately only made 2 more albums after the suicide of one of their members. They were one of the best of the shoegaze bands. They were like a more rockin' version of Cocteau Twins. I was really obsessed with this band and really love their first 3 albums. This along with Gala and Split are all awesome.  I saw one of their last shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco and it remains one of my favorite memories.

My Bloody Valentine "Loveless" (1991)  Sire/Warner

This was also the second album from this band. This album is on everyone's list and get so much praise that it now seems to have developed some backlash against it. However, its impact on me remains permanent. It remains the best shoegaze album of all time and has influenced countless bands. The artwork alone makes the memories rush through my mind. A beautifully loud album that seriously changed my life.

Blur "Modern Life Is Rubbish" (1993) SBK/Food

Blur helped to create what became known as Brit Pop. They were always my favorite over Oasis. I always thought they were way more fun and creative. This album like most of their albums is a very British album. "Chemical World" and "Star Shaped" and "Miss America" remain some of my favorite songs of the period. They would go on to create many more albums and side projects and solo albums. But this remains their best album.

Suede "Suede" (1993) Nude/Columbia

This album remains the best androgynous album cover of all time but also the most brilliant pop album of all time. Brett Anderson is simply a genius and this, their first album, is simply fantastic. Every song on this album is brilliant and I could simply not get enough Suede when this album came out. They also went on to create a couple more brilliant albums after this and we are all waiting for that reunion.

Gene "Olympian" (1995) Polydor

Oh Gene. I seriously could not pick any of these albums for the top spot. They are all pretty much equal for various reasons. But I did really love me some Gene. This was their first album and it really was hard in the 90s to compete for a better debut album. "Haunted by You," "Left-Handed," "London Can You Wait," and "Sleep Well Tonight." It did not get better than this in 1995. They came a little bit later than Suede, Blur, and Verve. But they were just as good.

Verve "A Storm in Heaven" (1993) Vernon Yard

Another awesome debut album for yet another awesome british band. They broke up in 1999 after "Urban Hymns." But they are actually getting back together and recording a new album! Which actually makes them the only functioning band on this list. This album did not do as well as it should have. But they became one of the biggest bands of England a couple of years later. Beautiful psychedelic dreamy shoegaze rock. They changed their name after the label Verve got a bit mad at them for stealing their name.

Pale Saints "In Ribbons" (1992) 4AD/Warner

Yet another great shoegaze album. This is probably the saddest and most depressing album on the list. But still a beautiful album. This was actually their second album and they would go on to create one more after this. They were for sure the goth darker side of shoegaze. This album, like Slowdive's Souvlaki, became one of the albums I put on right before I went to sleep. A perfect way to end your night.

Blueboy "Unisex" (1994) Sarah Records

This is simply one of the best albums of the 90's. Beautiful twee indie pop from England. This album has been out of print for a while and needs a serious reissue soon. You can buy it on itunes. But who really wants to do that. I want the real thing in my hand. I want to be able to touch it and love it. I made the mistake of getting rid of this years ago and have been regretting the day ever since. This is one of those great little forgotten albums that everybody should know about.

Morrissey "Kill Uncle" (1991) Sire/Reprise

This was his second real solo album. The first being the simply amazing "Viva Hate." But his first for the 90's. This was one of those albums that I can not separate from my memories of high school. It for sure made me happy and got me through those years. There is no denying his genius in The Smiths. But he also is an amazing solo artist and still manages to blow me away with his albums and tours. I don't know what else to say about this amazing man. "Our Frank," "Sing Your Life," "Found Found Found." Every song on this album is brilliant.


Catherine Wheel "Chrome" (1993) Fontana

This was their second album. While they are easily put into the whole shoegaze scene, I never much thought of them that way. This album has a dreamy druggy  feel to it. The first album "Ferment" was maybe a bit more shoegaze. I guess they were the harder side of this scene. This was another album I often listened to at night. But I really just listened to it almost every day in 1993 and 1994. Brilliant and influential and probably a bit overlooked.

PJ Harvey "Dry" (1992) Too Pure/Indigo

PJ Harvey seemed to come out of nowhere. But I was hooked from the first moment that I heard her debut album "Dry." PJ Harvey was a much needed female artist in a male dominated scene. This album like all on this list remains amazing after all these years. She still manages to create brilliant albums while adapting her style throughout the years. This album really changed the scene and influenced a lot of fans to create their own music.


Saint Etienne "So Tough" (1993) Warner

This was their second album. But Foxbase Alpha from 1991 is equally as good. This album was just my first introduction to them and the one that I played the most. Most of the songs on the album are mixed up with odd samples from british movies and television. This is a very unique album and really has no comparison. Very catchy dancey club kind of pop songs. The album is very humorous still makes me laugh. This album was listened to a lot driving around Los Angeles in the early 90's.

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