the best movies of the 80's...the first of many lists

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I am a bit obsessed with making lists of things. As a small child I remember making lists of everything. It might have something to do with my need to organize my life. I just like to remember things and to organize them into nice little lists. So this will be the first of my lists that I offer to you. There was recently a list of movies going around on myspace. It was a random list of mostly blockbuster movies that you were to check off the ones you had seen. This got me thinking about what would go on my list of movies. So I decided to go through that list inside my brain and write down my favorite movies of the 80's. A very formative period for me and many others. It was a decade of many great movies. Movies that simply can't be made now. Most of them are great simply because of the memories attached to them. Many of them seen in theaters and then many more times on TV. Many of them rented from one of my favorite video stores. Most of them watched late at night with my friends. Some of them watched again in the theater at midnight screenings. Many of them watched with directors commentaries on DVD years later. Many of my favorites were made in the late 70's and 1979 specifically. Alot of the great horror movies like The Omen and The Exorcist came out in the 70s. David Cronenberg and John Waters made some of their best films in the 70s. 1979 was not only a great year for music but for film as well. 1978 was the year of Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, and Piranha. In 1979 came Aliens, The Warriors, Over the Edge, Amityville Horror, and The Brood. But it was really all about the 80's. I don't know where I would be without these movies. It was really hard to put them in order. But they are roughly organized starting with my favorite.

top 100 movies of the 80s

Heathers (89)
Michael Lehmann

                        Escape From New York (81)
                            John Carpenter

Manhunter (86)
Michael Mann

                      Pee-wee's Big Adventure (85)
                         Tim Burton

Aliens (86)
James Cameron


                                        Times Square (80)
                                               Allan Moyle

The Breakfast Club (85)
John Hughes

                                                Vacation (83)
                                                  John Hughes


Tootsie (82)
Sydney Pollack

                          Some Kind of Wonderful (87)
                              Howard Deutch

The Terminator (84)
James Cameron

                                        The Lost Boys (87
                                          Joel Schumacher


The Fog (80)
John Carpenter

                                              The Thing (82)
                                                John Carpenter

Polyester (81)
John Waters

                                        Krush Groove (85)
                                          Michael Schultz

Beetlejuice (88)
Tim Burton

                     The Legend of Billie Jean (85)
                       Matthew Robbins


Running on Empty (88)
Sidney Lumet

                                           Paris Texas (84)
                                             Wim Wenders

River's Edge (86)
Tim Hunter

                            Best Little Whorehouse in
                                 Texas (82)
                                  Collin Higgins


Valley Girl (83)
Martha Coolidge

                                    Suburbia (83)
                                      Penelope Spheeris


A Nightmare on Elm Street (84)
Wes Craven

Pretty In Pink (86)                                                            
Purple Rain (84)
Videodrome (83)
Little Darlings (80)
Flashdance (83)
Teen Witch (89)
Goonies (85)
Better Off Dead (85)
9 to 5 (80)
Blue Velvet (86)
The Empire Strikes Back (80)
Return of the Jedi (83)
Scarface (83)
The Dead Pool (88)
Planes Trains & Automobiles (87)
The Shining (80)
Karate Kid (84)
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (81)
Tenebre (82)
Phenomena (85)
Night of the Comet (84)
Sleepaway Camp (83)
E.T. (82)
Labyrinth (86)
Hairspray (88)

Gremlins (84)
Rocky IV (85)
Friday the 13th (80)
The Outsiders (83)
Footloose (84)
The Hunger (83)
Perfect (85)
Satisfaction (88)
Hellraiser (87)
First Blood (82)
Breakin' (84)
The Pirate Movie (82)
Poltergeist (82)
Romancing the Stone (84)
Gleaming the Cube (89)
Sixteen Candles (84)
Desperately Seeking Susan (85)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (86)
The Muppets Take Manhattan (84)
Ghostbusters (84)
Princess Bride (87)
Stealing Home (88)
Airplane (80)
Children of the Corn (84)
Batman (89)

Tron (82)
War Games (83)
Prom Night (80)
Clue (85)
Little Shop of Horrors (86)
Mystic Pizza (88)
Back to the Future (85)
Angel (83)
Blade Runner (82)
Christine (83)
Patty Hearst (88)
Superman II (82)
A Fish Called Wanda (88)
Mask (85)
Raising Arizona (87)
Less Than Zero (87)
Vision Quest (85)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (88)
The Clash of the Titans (81)
Say Anything (89)
Time Bandits (81)
Sid & Nancy (86)
Foxes (80)
Beat Street (84)
Streets of Fire (84)

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