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Posted by Brad Schelden, June 3, 2007 03:35pm | Post a Comment
Every time I go to the Greek Theatre, I find myself thinking about "The Clash of the Titans."  I expect Harry Hamlin or Medusa to walk out and greet me at any moment. It really is a little majestic  and makes me think of old greek mythology. I just heard that they are actually remaking "The Clash of the Titans" into a new movie. I can only imagine that it will be horrible. But I would be really into a live stage production of the movie at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. I really do love this place. I always go up to the top and sit on the lawn. Normally this would be like the worst place to see a show. But it is not too far away where it is hard to see. Its the perfect view from up there. It was a bit cold last night but as long as its not raining its never really that cold with all those people squeezed in there.

So I had heard really great things about the first  Arcade Fire tour for their album "Funeral." Since I had missed the first tour I was really worried that this would not be the same. But my friend Joshua has assured me that they are just as good now. He was at this show as well but choose to experience the show down close.  The lawn is not for everyone. The band consists of ten members on stage playing various instruments. The husband and wife team of Win Butler and Regine Chassagne hold it all together as the ringleaders. Electrelane opened up  for the Arcade Fire. It was fun to see them on such a big stage. They are really a great little band and I'm glad everyone was into them. The stage set up was kind of awesome. They had 5 little circular monitors that looked like little portals. Each monitor was playing some different video. At times it was pre-recorded footage to go along with some of the songs. But usually it was live footage of the various band members. It gave you a slightly different perspective than you could see from just being in the audience.

The new album Neon Bible sounded great live. They seem like a tight little family on stage. But they also  seem to all be having a great time. It seems at times confusing who is doing what or playing what part of what song. Sort of like a circus. But they pull it off and the songs all sound brilliant. I was really most impressed with Regine. She seemed to change instruments like every song. She started playing a hurdy gurdy and then went on to the accordion and then the drums and then keyboard. She also sings on a bunch of the songs. Every time I looked away for a second she would be in a different part of the stage when I looked back. They managed to sell out two nights at the greek. And you could tell it was sold out. But being outside it never feels as crowded as a sold out night at the Warfield or the Fillmore. It was a very fun night. It is always great to see a band exceed your expectations for them. I have always wanted to move to Montreal. Even before I heard these guys. But now I want to move there even more. It seems like everyone in the band would be really fun to hang out with.

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