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While Hillary Rodham Clinton's popularity among Hispanic voters currently leads the Democratic pack by a long shot, the "Amigos de Obama" are slowly gaining ground and gradually growing in numbers thanks to such showings of grassroots support for Barack Obama as the recently recorded "Obama Reggaeton," which can be heard here with lyrics printed below (scroll down). it's a catchy song that calls upon Mexican and other Hispanic voters to support Obama with a call to "Listen to gente, es tiempo para algo diferente.. What we need is un nuevo presidente*… Como Se Dice…Como Se llama? OBAMA! OBAMA!" As clearly outlined in the map (below) posted on the website supporting Obama, 13 million eligible Hispanic voters live in ten states (including California, Florida, and New York) with all but one hosting primaries on or before February 5th. Note that Texas' primary isn't until March. Roughly two thirds of the nation's Hispanic residents live in nine of the states that will hold Democratic primaries or caucuses on or before early February, 2008.

Obama is way behind Hillary in popularity with Hispanic voting Democrats, as recently reported by the New York Times, which cited polls (including the paper's own and ones carried out by CBS News) from the past few months which show that about 60 percent of registered Hispanic voters who identify themselves as Democrats have a favorable view of Hillary while a quarter do not. Meanwhile Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, according to the Times, "remains a blank slate to many Hispanic voters, polls show, with 40% having no opinion of him. But his aspirational biography could prove a draw as more Hispanic voters get to know him." No doubt "Obama Reggaeton" can only help in this effort.

POST SCRIPT: one of the most insightful lines in "Obama Reggaeton" is the one about needing "en nuevo presidente" because -- when you think about it -- if Hillary does get elected it will signal a continuation of the Bush/Clinton familias in power of the US of A for yet another presidential term.

Meantime, this just in, a popular sexy, sultry, low-budget video by Obama Girl entitled "I Got A Crush.....on Obama" has been getting a lot of hits in past couple of days on YouTube. Catering to Obama's sex-appeal the independently produced video can only help the Obama's cause. Check it out:


 “Como Se Dice…Como Se llama? (OBAMA, OBAMA)”
 Oye mi gente este es un hombre preperado…
 La esperanza ha llegado.
 Como Se Dice…Como Se llama?
 OBAMA! OBAMA! (Repeat four times)

  Dicen que no contamos…
 Invisibles porque no votamos…
 Pero aqui estamos y todo esto va cambiar…
 We did the marchas y ahora vamos a votar.
 Listen to me gente, es tiempo para algo diferente..
 What we need is un nuevo presidente…
 Como Se Dice…Como Se llama?
 OBAMA! OBAMA! (Repeat two times)

Los Mexicanos como se llama?
 Puerto Riqueños, como se llama?
 Los Peruanos, como se llama?

 En esta gran nacion ya no existe una buena educacion,
 Dicen todo el dinero va a la imigracion
 Es facil culpar el que no vota
 El gigante Latino esta que brota
 Vamos a eligir a quien deberas entienda…
 Como Se Dice…Como Se llama?
 OBAMA! OBAMA! (Repeat four times)

Los Colombianos, como se llama?
 Dominicanos, como se llama?
 Los Cubanos, como se llama?
 Los Brasilieros, como se llama?
 Salvadoreños, como se llama?
 OBAMA! OBAMA! Latinos!!!
 La esperanza ha llegado.
 Como Se Dice…Como Se llama? (Repeat)

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