Radiohead: Immerse Your Soul In Love

Posted by Miss Ess, June 13, 2007 04:27pm | Post a Comment
I haven't thought about Radiohead at all in about a year, really, not since I got to go see them kill it at theradiohead Greek Theater last year in Berkeley about this time.  To be honest, I don't think about them much at all anymore, but they are one of those bands that has meant a lot to me over the years.  With news today that Radiohead's new album is nearing completion, I thought it might be the right time to build a little anticipation and revisit some of their finer songs and videos.

People always want to whine that Radiohead are overblown, that they are not nearly as great as everyone always says.  I defy those people to listen to these songs and watch these videos and tell me this band is not fantastic.  Well, I do understand that not everyone wants to listen to some white overeducated English dudes complaining about alienation and having issues with technology.  I do get that.  Maybe it just doesn't float your boat.  But please, people, don't try to tell me this isn't a great and powerful band.  To each his own.  I also recognize that by thinking and talking about how Radiohead is great, I am sounding like a regular old Record Store Nerd.  But why hide who I am?  Oh well.

Oh, and I do agree that their last couple albums have not been fully up to speed....but when you have put out albums like OK Computer and The Bends, what are you gonna do??

This is "Karma Police" from OK Computer.

Effing awesome video, right?  Usually I tend to think most videos take more away from the music than they contribute to it, but this is one of those rare exceptions where I watch it and think, "Whoa" (not to quote icky Keanu Reeves).

And what about one of my favorite songs ever, "Street Spirit"?  Remember this one?  The track is from The Bends:

Another favorite is "Pyramid Song", from  Amnesiac.  This album in total is not as consistent as others, but this song is radical:

Once I went on a cruise with my entire family.  It was right around the time this album came out and this song was stuck in my head every time I went snorkeling.  I'm a huge dork I guess, but I find Radiohead's songs so moving.  Nerd town, I know.  The rhythms in this song are just like being underwater.  Again, the creepy video for once adds to the song instead of distracting from it.  And I can't think of any other song anywhere that sounds like that. 

Now here's one of my absolute faves ever too, what a mind f*ck this one is!  Check out "Just" from The Bends if you haven't ever before.  Hey, you probably haven't watched it in years at the very least. 

Love it!  I always love how unflinchingly weird Thom Yorke is.  He is so ballsy.

I guess, listening to each of these songs, I appreciate Radiohead so much because they are smart dudes.  I enjoy their themes of dread and apocalypse and aggression.  I'm really fun at parties too, I swear!

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