Memorial Day 2007

Posted by The Bay Area Crew, May 27, 2007 10:47pm | Post a Comment
I will only say that this day seems to make me sad - more and more sad every year.

This, to me, isn't about anything as petty as a red or a blue state, shallow things created by the media to increase the distances between us. My brain chases my heart around, and ultimately they end up over in the corner somewhere, in the dark. Sad. Crushing sadness for everyone involved.

It's a sadness, indeed, to know the state of the world - and to feel the tears upon your face, feeling helpless and alone - wishing for nothing more than this:

Nanci Griffith. Twenty years of helping me stay human in a world that tears apart every human heart. Thank you, Ma'am. I can't thank you enough.

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