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Posted by Brad Schelden, May 27, 2007 08:50pm | Post a Comment
So I saw Lisa Gerrard last night at the Palace of Fine Arts. I can't really imagine a better place to see the magical Lisa Gerrard than the Palace of Fine Arts. Besides maybe the Paramount theater in Oakland, where I last saw Dead Can Dance perform a couple of years ago. I usually like to get to the Palace of Fine Arts early so I can walk around and enjoy it, but we didn't have enough time and it was really cold last night. My friend Rosemarie joined me for the show last night. I couldn't think of a greater person to join me for the show. I have not seen her enough lately so it was great to be able to hang out on such a magical evening. We both love the Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard, so we were very excited for the show.

Seeing Lisa Gerrard is sort of like going to church. Her fans are all very devoted and would do anything for their Lisa. And it seems she would do anything for her fans. She really does give back all the love to her audience. You can just feel the love in the crowd. I really do love seeing Dead Can Dance perform with all their magical different instruments. Its also great to see the vocals of both Lisa and Brenda Perry go back and forth. But it was nice to see Lisa all by herself last night. She was joined by one of the members of Dead Can Dance, John Bonnar on keyboards. She was also joined by the guy who plays on the new album on keyboards and piano.

Her shows really are very magical. The feeling you get from the show stays with you years later. Her voice is amazing and really takes over the whole theater. I was literally staring at her trying to imagine how she makes her voice do the things it does. Her voice quickly changes tones and styles in mid song. Its like a whole chorus is coming out her mouth. She played a mix of her new album and her previous solo albums. The best of which is her first solo album, "The Mirror Pool."

Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance are really just a small step away from New Age music. If not for their attachment to the label 4AD and their early goth following they would probably be filed in the new age section. But they are really much more than this. They cross so many musical boundaries that they become unclassifiable. From the moment that Lisa entered the stage she commanded the crowd. I don't think I even heard a single person cough during the entire performance. She seems to entirely enter her songs. She takes a couple extra seconds before each song to sort of let herself into the song. She seems to be not just getting her voice ready for the song but her entire body. And the crowd is right there with her. The song really takes over the whole crowd. I think I even forgot where I was at times until people started clapping.

When Lisa finally took a break and talked to the audience, she thanked the members of her band. However, she didn't just thank the guys on the stage. But she also thanked the sound guys and the person that does the lights. She was also joined on stage by one of her oldest friends. He sang back up on a couple songs but also seems to be her magical assistant. He does all of her costumes and set designs. But also seems to be the one that kept the band together for so long and helped them to put out so many great albums. She was also really gracious and thankful for all her fans. She actually seemed to be really happy we were all there with her. But it really is us that should be thanking her. She helped to create some of the greatest albums of the last 25 years. But she also changed and enriched the lives of anyone who has ever seen her live. I am seriously still trembling from the memories of the last time I saw her. I really do love that Lisa Gerrard. It was a magical night.

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