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Posted by Brad Schelden, May 20, 2007 12:36pm | Post a Comment
So yesterday started off really good. My old friend from Long Beach Poly High School dropped by Amoeba. I had not seen Melissa in like 14 years. But of course we recognized each other and it seemed like it had only been a couple months. I didn't really realize that I miss her until we hung out a little.  The rest of the day I had little memories of all the important events I experienced with her. We had to talk about Cameron Diaz a bit. I still can't believe she has not talked about her formative years in high school drama. So I dedicate this blog to my friend Melissa. It's crazy its been so long.

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Bjork live. For some reason I have never made it out to see her before. I kind of find it hard to believe myself. But it just has never worked out. Or maybe I've been to so many shows at this point that I am starting to forget who I have  seen.  Although it is kind of a hassle to get all the way out to Shoreline, it is kind of a fun adventure.  It's like a little vacation. Parking is just a bit of a nightmare. Even though they have hundreds of employees directing traffic, it still manages to take way longer than it should. There is also nothing really to do in Mountain  View other than work at Google or go to a show at Shoreline.  But we did manage to find In-N-Out. So did everyone else it seemed. So we ate our meatless hamburger with hundreds of other Bjork fans. I don't ever eat fast food, but In-N-Out is my one exception. Even though the employees seem to be all part of some weird religious cult, they do make good food. And it is nice that nothing is frozen. They also don't look at you weird when you order an animal style grilled cheese!

I always feel like I am at a Lollapalooza show when I go to Shoreline. Its huge and they have tons of bad food and overpriced alcohol. Its also like an outdoor mall with all the stuff they try to market and sell to you. As we were rushing back to our seats with our 8 dollar pabst blue ribbon some lady yelled at us "You already won." I seriously wish I had time to see what great promotional item I had already won, but we were in a hurry. Bjork fans are  almost as cute as the woman herself. I saw many gold and silver shoes and tons of expertly dressed hip kids. I was hoping for more yarn knitted multicolor hippy raver sweater outfits. But nobody wanted to upstage Bjork I guess. Before the show started I was really hoping for some pyrotechnics. My wish came true during the first song.

Opening for Bjork was Ghostigital and  Joanna Newsom.  By the time we parked and found our seats, Joanna was almost done. I have to admit I am not much of a fan. But after watching her and the crowds enthusiastic reaction to her, I kind of get her more now. I still don't like her, but I have now come to an understanding of the relationship she has with her fans. It's hard to explain. But she is a little magical when she is on stage. A perfect opener for the magic that is Bjork live. She was joined by 4 dudes on drums and keyboards and electronics. She also had her 10 Icelandic back up singers/horn section. They were all dressed like colorful puffy teletubbies with flags coming out of their heads. And they were as enthusiastic as the crowd when dancing and jumping around to all the songs.

Bjork is really something else from some other world. She was wearing some crazy gold  shiny quinceanera outfit that only she could pull off. She really commanded the crowd. I kept noticing that I had a big smile on my face the whole show. It is like she put this spell over the whole crowd and made everyone love each other. Is this what happened at Grateful Dead shows. Is Bjork the new Jerry Garcia? It really was a great show. The songs were all reinvigorated live and sounded awesome. She also had these amazing lasers that shot out in the crowds during some of the songs. I really do love lasers. The monitors on the stage and up above the stage did not just feature shots of Bjork jumping around the stage. They focused a lot on the band and the instruments they were playing. It was just a really fun enjoyable show. Everyone was so happy to be there and so was Bjork. My only problem was that the show was a little short. I really expected more than 2 encore songs. It really messed up my plan of leaving early during the last song. I wanted to get out before the crazy traffic jam that I knew we could be expecting. But out of all those thousands of people we ran into my friend Elise outside. Even though it was just a brief hello and goodbye it was the perfect end to the night. I just happened to run into someone I knew out of all those people. Bjork really is a little magical.

The highlights of the night were for sure "Aeroplane" "Unravel" "Hyperballad" and "Pagan Poetry" but here is the whole list of what she played for us...

Earth Intruders                            
02. Aeroplane
03. Unravel
04. Dull Flame Of Desire
05. All Is Full Of Love
06. The Pleasure Is All Mine
07. Pagan Poetry
08. I See Who You Are
09. I Miss You
10. Army Of Me
11. Innocence
12. Wanderlust
13. Mother Heroic
14. Five Years
15. Hyperballad
16. Pluto


17. Oceania
18. Declare Independence

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