Growing Up Is Hard To Do: Little Children

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I watched Little Children last night. 

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It's a strange but thought provoking movie, with just a shred of cheese throughout.  It's directed by Todd Field, the dude that directed In the Bedroom a while back.  Remember how In the Bedroom was every f-ing where that year at the Oscars? I mean I love Sissy Spacek and all that, but I was so over it being everywhere all the time that i never even saw that movie-- too much, too much!  I'm glad I didn't know he directed Little Children until I watched the credits.  I guess I am still not over that oversaturation so many years back...I hold my Oscar grudges a long time, it's true, anyone that knows me can tell you.  But I digress....

In Little Children, as you've probably heard, Kate Winslet plays a suburban housewife who begins having an affair with the hot stay at home dad who takes his son to the same playground where she takes her daughter.  Whilepatrick wilson little children on one hand I can't really blame her for being unable to resist somone as hot as Patrick Wilson (did anyone else spend half the movie wondering why her "full of rebellion" character would ever have been interested in her neanderthal husband Mike?), I was jennifer connollydisgusted by how easy it seemed for her character Sarah to jump into cheating on her husband when there is a child involved in their relationship.  Same goes for Patrick Wilson's character Brad, but it is clear why he was interested in his wife in the first place, as she is played by sexy lady Jennifer Connolly

I liked the blandness of the character's names and the film's portrayal of suburbia as justsuburbia suburbs tract housing that-- bland as all hell and too tough to navigate on a daily basis for anyone who still remembers what it feels like to be "inspired" and "alive".  The whole Book Club that's reading Madame Bovary was a little trite for my taste, but hey I guess the film made its point there-- women who cheat on deadened husbands can be seen as whores or they can be seen as having an undying hunger and a bold "refusal to accept a life of unhappiness".  yeah, i got it, thanks.  (It always seems like everyone uses that book as a Go-To to make a point like that.  Maybe it's cause I was a Literature Major that I feel that way though.)

Anyway, one of the plot points in the film involves a kate winslet little childrenpedophile who has moved into the neighborhood and its inhabitants' uproar over this.  I liked how the movie asked questions like "who really IS the pervert/criminal"? and "what REALLY presents danger to our children: a neighborhood pedophile or the child's parents cheating?  It also asks, of course, "who are the Little Children?"-- the gossiping, game playing, emotionally stunted and selfish "adults" don't seems so adult by the end of the flick, all of them.

I thought the film dealt interestingly with parenthood and all the different issues it can bring up.  Brad feels emasculated by his pants-wearing wife.  Sarah seems uninterested in her child, more interested in reconnecting to who she felt she was before she was "saddled" with a child.  I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, but didn't it all feel so tidy? 

Overall, I like films that deal with the complexities of life.  And where you get to see a bunch of hot, sweaty T&A.... so this film really delivered for me personally.

kate winslet patrick wilson little children

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