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Happy Weekend, we got your hook-up:
Personally, I dedicate my days to trying to make life within Amoeba happy (only got 9 lives, embrace it, eh?) ... and the free music works for me! Therefore, to salve your spirits and mine, I bring you these wonderful lickle bites of info:

Sunday, tomorrow 4/22/07, we are having 2 instores!! Checkity-check it:
                                                        our friends and yours ...
2:00 pm

Folktronica! Indie-Rock!
Shirts with bears!
Hats! Music!
Pretty yellow wall! I want one!

LYMBYC, in my words? Experimental like nothing you've ever heard before, it isn't just some goofy noise thing where you're like, "Well. I've never heard anything like this before." It's got some layers. It's a damn good thing! (Ok, Ok, they aren't natives. Just local.)

The next show?
                        Blonde Redhead at 5:00 pm

Yes, at 5:00pm Sunday the 22nd of April, Blonde Redhead graces our stage to share some of the songs from their new album,  23 ...

It's their 7th album, they certainly need no introduction to discerning folks like yourself.

It's going to be one hell of a day, and I hope it's all on the positive tip! If you decide to come out, please consider leaving your backpack or messenger bag at home to avoid the bottleneck on the way out. Also, if you are driving in from out of SF, there's parking across the street in the old Cala lot, as well as around the way in the Kezar lot. (We validate an hour with purchase)

If you have any questions about public transportation, parking, anything, eyeball this: the FAQ

This week at Amoeba, I found out some interesting stuff. I can't say what quite yet, but it looks to be f-u-n and in tune with the Amoebas you have come to know and love. Keep your eyes pointed over here at the website regularly for the magic to unveil.