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It was so nice for Patrick Wolf to wait until my birthday to release his new album "The Magic Position" here in the states. Or I guess I should say, that it was nice for his label to wait until the 1st of May. It has been out for a month or 2 already in the UK, so I have already spent some quality time with it. This is Patrick's 3rd album and first since his departure with the excellent label Tomlab. "The Magic Position" is if nothing else, one of the best album covers of the year. While one would think Patrick would be maturing and using more adult imagery on his albums. He has gone the opposite direction as a man child on a sort of magical merry go round, dressed like a 10 year old having his cowboy theme birthday party. Or maybe he was just planning this all along for my birthday celebration. I did have an outfit very similar to that on my tenth birthday.  Unfortunately my mom would not let me get away with that hair color until I was in high school. Whatever you may think of the album cover, there is no denying it is a unique and brave idea. Much like the music you will find inside.

I having been loving Mr. Patrick Wolf for a while now. He seriously blew me away with his first excellent album "Lycanthropy." I remember that I read a little bit about this before it came out and was very intrigued. I then got the album and was hooked immediately. I slowly spread the word of the greatness of Mr. Wolf. Of course, he is not for everyone. I carefully chose the friends to share him with. He was like my little secret obsession. His music is sort of a combination of the dramatics of Kate Bush, Xiu Xiu, and Erasure mixed with the bookish intelligence of Morrissey and Idlewild mixed with the electronicness of Aphex Twin with a bit of classical thrown in,  He does not mess around with his lyrics either. He takes himself quite seriously on the musical journey of his albums. He seems to be from a different time. A Futuristic Past, if that even makes sense.  Patrick takes you gently by the hand and forces you into his magical land of wolves and dreams.

Patrick introduces us to the new album with the single "Accidents & Emergency." The title song "The Magic Position" and "Bluebells" are equally as brilliant. He also has a little surprise guest for you. The great Marianne Faithfull joins him on the track "Magpie." And she fits in perfectly with his little play he seems to be putting on for us with this album. Patrick Wolf often seems to become different genders and even species within his lyrics. He really does take you to magical places in his songs. But you have to open up and let him take you there. His albums might take a couple times to really get what is going on. But don't take him too seriously. This new album like the others are simply a whole lot of fun. His use of different instruments and styles somehow all comes together to make a beautiful cohesive album. You seriously should make the journey and get yourself a Patrick Wolf album.

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