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There are three things you need to know about DJ Sloe Poke: 1. He doesn’t mess around with any of the artsy stuff. 2. You won’t hear him tactlessly scratching and 3. He goes to a club to rock it.
What makes Sloe Poke one of L.A. ’s best DJ’s is that he can spin several styles of music with ease. Sloe Poke attributes his skills to the years of spinning for people with diverse tastes, ages and cultures. Most DJ’s can spin two or three different genres of music but get lost when it comes to Latin music. This is where Sloe Poke excels. He’s the kind of DJ that can entice the older generation to go out on the dance floor and put a younger crowd to shame. He can mix a Salsa classic like Joe Arroyo’s “Rebelion” with Celso Pina’s Sonidero hit, “Cumbia Sobre El Rio,” then follow those songs with Thalia’s poppy, “Piel Morena” and Frankie Cutlass’ club fave, “Puerto Rico,” making it all flow together somehow.

Because of Sloe Poke’s range, he can spin almost anywhere in the city. Besides being a resident DJ at places like Little Temple and the Rhythm Lounge, he spins at clubs like Sonido, playing Dub, Dancehall & Lover’s Rock. At the Root Down on Thursday nights he plays funk alongside some of L.A. ’s best funk DJ’s. At ¡DESCARGA! Sloe Poke keeps the floor moving with Salsa, Merengue & Cumbia. When he’s DJing at The House of Blues in San Diego, he compliments whatever act is headlining. He has opened for shows as diverse as Mos Def, David Lee Roth, Yellowman & Jaguares. It really doesn’t matter who or what genre Sloe Poke is spinning for -- he always has the perfect mix.

Catch Sloe Poke on Saturday, April 14th @ ¡Descarga! Along with Resident DJ’s—Loslito (The Root Down/The Rebirth/Kajmere Sound), Bobby Soul (Soul Hustlers), Azul (213/ Firecracker/Bridges), Mexican Dubwiser (Chicle/Dubwise Sessions) & Mando Fever (From The Soul Recordings)

Also performing will be Gabrielito (Quetzal, Sonora Santanera) with his all-star group performing original music & classic salsa jams.

¡DESCARGA! CLUB @ LITTLE TEMPLE every 2nd Saturday, is located at 4519 Santa Monica @ Virgil (Silver Lake); April 14th - $10 all night. Doors 9pm-2:00am. 21 + over.

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