The Employee Interview Part III: Greg

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5+ years employment
vinyl person

Q:  What is the first music you remember hearing, before you had a choice?

G: I remember hearing Bob Seger "Against the Wind" and I remember my sister playing U2 and Tiffany and X2.

Q:  What was the first band you heard that really got you into music?

G:  I think the Beastie Boys and George Michael. and Run DMC.

Q:  What's your favorite music to skateboard to?

G: It's pretty difficult to skateboard to music unless you have an ipod.  When I was young I had a boom box and I would play my mom's Fleetwood Mac tape and the Best of Country Gold tape or something like that.

Q:  What is your favorite record right now, this instant?

G:  Today? Um I like The Way I Am by Merle Haggard, a 1980s record.  Very smooth.

Q:  What's the best reissue you've heard this year?

G: Well the John Phillips Wolfking of LA. [ed note: John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas recorded a solo record in 1970.  It's fantastic and in our Oldies section.]

Q: What is your favorite Bob Dylan record?

G:  Can it be a tie?  Ok, maybe a four way tie.  How about Desire, Time Out of Mind, New Morning and Self Portrait.

Q: What about John Cale?

G:  Fear.

Q:  Townes van Zandt?

G:  Your favorite too: High Low and In Between and Live at the Old Quarter, the live one.

Q:  Those are two of my favorite records ever.  So what was your first live show you ever went to?

G:  I believe it was the Eagles at the Concord Pavillion.  I remember being moved by the music and esp I remember laying on my back and looking at the fake owl they used to scare off the birds.

Q:  What is your favorite venue in the bay area?

G:  Maybe what I like is Noe Valley Ministry.

Q:  What's your favorite local band?

G:  Mon Cousin Belge.

Q:  What is your musical guilty pleasure?

G:  Well I don't know, other people might feel guilty for liking the Dixie Chicks but I feel good about it.  And Marc Almond is pretty good.  I like Dwight Yoakum, really love Dwight Yoakum. 

Q:  What is the best record you can think of that most people probably w
ouldn't have heard before?

G:  Maybe Bobby Charles, self titled?  He was a rock and roller who wrote "See You Later Alligator" and later recorded this self titled album with The Band in Bearsville in the early 70s maybe.

Q:  What is your best find here at Amoeba?

G:  Well I found my girlfriend here.

Q:  Very good.  Any specific record too?

G:  Well I found Michael Hurley Armchair Boogie on 8 track. 

Q:  Do you have an 8 track player?

G:  Yeah-- candy apple red.

Q:  So do you prefer to listen to 8 tracks, vinyl, cds?

G:  Vinyl.

Q:  What is your favorite section of the store?

G:  Well I like the men's room. [ed note: for employees only, as you probably already know.] I like it when you don't have to wait to get in and you can lock the door behind you and finally breathe.  You might be breathing in foul air but it feels good to do that alone.

Q:  What is your favorite part about working here at Amoeba?

G:  I like that it is next to the park and if I am smart I will ride my bike through the park to the ocean on my lunch break.

Q:  Thank you for your time.

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