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Joy Behar
's coming to town! 

I am an avid View watcher, and Joy is my favorite personality on the show. She'll be performing her comedy routine at the Nob Hill Masonic Center on June 16th. 

I am sure some of you out there are as crazy for The View as I am...I find myself fascinated every morning by the ladies and their Hot Topics. Joy is my favorite because (esp before Rosie O'Donnell) she is the one who is the most blunt, the most truthful. If she came to my family home for Christmas, she would fit right in with my relatives, hilarious and cutting as she is (and Italian too). 

What is it about The View that is so addicting? I have asked myself this question for many years now...for me I guess it's about what's going on below the surface on the show as much as it is what the women are gabbing about. It seems like there is always tension behind the scenes and it's tantalizingly close to the surface at times. I like to watch and see if it will peek out at the viewers and at what moment. It's also refreshing to see women actually hashing out what is going on in the news, instead of watching the news and being blandly told so called facts. 

I love to see Barbara Walters, in her 70s, trying to rein in all these outspoken and energetic women on her show-- it seems like they wrestle out of her control every single morning. I doubt when barbara started the show 10 years ago she had any idea what she was getting herself into, creating a show including women of all different backgrounds and beliefs. The way one conducts oneself on television has certainly changed since she first started on tv! And yet, god bless her, she tries to keep up with them all. 

I think it's the most compelling show on tv, and if you don't, then you must not have not given it a chance or paid close enough attention to what's really happening on The View.

(I can't even begin to get into the whole Star Jones debacle...that's a whole 'nother blog....)

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