“Black Out Tuesday” Displays Music Industry's Solidarity with George Floyd Protests

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“Black Out Tuesday” is the music industry’s display of solidarity with the protesters fighting against injustice. On Friday evening last (May 29th), as the nationwide protests fueled by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday were still in their early stages, an image of the hashtag 
#THESHOWMUSTBEPAUSED with a call for the entire music industry to hold a “Black Out” began circulating on Instagram and other on social media outlets. A call to the "gatekeepers of the culture" over the weekend the hashtag’s message, that called for “a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community” and “an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change,” gained momentum. In fact it gained such momentum that it led to an unprecedented show of solidarity industrywide that countless record labels and streaming services and other music business companies all began pledging to join in the one-day of business black out.

Consequently music business companies, both large and small, have ceased all business activity today to partake in “Black Out Tuesday.” These include such music industry entities as Capitol, Atlantic, Columbia Records, Republic Records, BMG, Warner, Virgin EMI, Sony/ATV, Def Jam, Elektra Music Group, Island Records, Interscope Geffen A&M, Universal Music Group and Concord. Others include ASCAP, Spotify, Apple, Vevo, YouTube, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, SESAC, Symphonic Distribution and numerous more. Via their Instagram account Columbia Records wrote that, “Black Out Tuesday… is not a day off……Instead, this is a day to reflect and figure out ways to move forward in solidarity. We continue to stand with the Black community, our staff, artists, and peers in the music industry.” Meanwhile the Warner Music Group made the statement regarding today’s black out that, “While this is only one day, we are committed to continuing the fight for real change.”

What You Can Do To Help Advance Racial Justice in America

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We The People art by Shepard Fairey

We The People artwork by Shepard Fairey available for free to the public. Download it here

We have all seen the horrifying images of George Floyd's inhumane death at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis and the resulting outcry against police brutality and systemic racism. Many of us are looking for additional ways we can help support the fight for racial justice right now. There are several excellent organizations dedicated to advancing racial justice in their local communities and across the country.

Amoeba Music is pledging to donate a portion of our online sales during the month of June to fund racial justice. We hope you'll join us in donating to one of these worthy organizations:

George Floyd Memorial Fund - a GoFundMe set up by George Floyd's brother to support the family. Donate here.

Minnesota Freedom Fund - a non-profit organization that pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as they seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing. Donate here.

Black Visions Collective - a Minnesota-based organization whose mission is to organize powerful, connected Black communities and dismantle systems of violence through building strategic campaigns, investing in Black leadership, and engaging in cultural and narrative organizing. Donate here.

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10 New Music Releases on, 5/22/20

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While the physical Amoeba stores are closed temporarily for the safety and health of our employees and customers, is open 24/7, and music and movies ship free to the U.S.! 

Here's 10 of our favorites from this week's new releases, available on!

See all the new releases HERE.

Airborne Toxic Event: Hollywood Park (CD & Vinyl)

In conjunction with frontman Mikel Jollett's memoir of the same name, The Airborne Toxic Event releases this concept record drawing from themes in the book. Incorporates real audio from his family, gospel singers, and orchestral flourishes from violins to timpani to horns. Illustrates dashed dreams and difficult times of childhood, as well as the confusion of an adult life spent nursing the wounds. An ultimate redemption story on finding self-acceptance and love of family.

my top 50 Alternative songs of 1990...the fountain of youth

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This quarantine has got me reminiscing about the early '90s. Although honestly I am always thinking about this musical period in my life. The '90s were my decade and have defined my musical tastes. It all began in 1990. I have been obsessed with music since I can remember. From the first time I heard my parents playing Fleetwood Mac & the Eagles I was hooked. I wanted to listen to music whenever I could.

I remember when I first got a radio in my room. I would tape songs off the radio on my tape deck and create my own mix tapes. My brother and I would even create our own radio shows and put in samples and songs from the radio. I probably listened to Power 106 the most in the '80s. I was super into pop music but soon discovered there was something else out there. I remember when a friend in elementary school first told me about the cool radio station KROQ and I went home and put it on and never looked back. I got obsessed with The Cure, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, Love & Rockets, New OrderPet Shop BoysErasure. KROQ was my everything. I was obsessed with all the DJs and learned about all my new favorites bands in the late '80s and early '90s. I was now officially an alternative modern rock kid.

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Amoeba Hollywood: A Photo History (Part 4)

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Amoeba Hollywood

We are looking back at the amazing history we have seen over the last 19 years in Los Angeles. So much has happened since we opened at 6400 Sunset Blvd in 2001 that it's impossible to do it justice in one piece! View Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of our photo history series celebrating and commemorating our rich history. 

Part Four starts in 2012 and a magical performance by Lana Del Rey. Lana performed to a packed house of adoring fans on February 7, 2012. On top of that, it was her first ever in-store performance and her first fan signing event! She performed at Amoeba SF two days later and stayed so late signing autographs for fans that she missed her flight and had to take a car service back home to Los Angeles. She wanted to meet every fan!

Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood 2012 Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood 2012
Lana Del Rey fans at amoeba Hollywood 2012 Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood 2012
Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood 2012

Dogs are an important part of our culture at Amoeba. We're a very dog friendly store, with dog treats at the info counter and staff happily available to give belly rubs to our furry visitors. Over the years we've also hosted several pet adoption events with local rescue organizations. On February 12, 2012, we hosted a special Valentine's Day adoption event with The Pepper Foundation and later that year, on October 7, 2012 we hosted a dog adoption event for the Beagle Freedom Project.

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