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High Drama (CD)

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert delivers what he promises on High Drama . These tracks are simply grand: larger-than-life operatic rock numbers featuring Lambert’s smooth, soaring vocals, powered by a legend’s over-the-top rock ’n’ roll spirit and imbued with an artist’s emotional high-highs and low-lows. High Drama is an ingenious mix of cover songs, ranging from karaoke classics (Bonnie Tyler, Culture Club) to edgy recent releases (Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey). Lambert delivers them all with panache; it’s a pleasure to hear his take on these tracks.

The Waeve (CD)

The Waeve

With the release of The Waeve's eponymous self-titled debut, Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and erstwhile Pipettes vocalist Rose Elinor Dougall have created one of the freshest, most interesting albums in a long time. The pair combines elements of shoegaze, psychedelia, post-punk and dark folk to create a lush, unpredictable, emotionally gripping set of songs. Both Coxon and Dougall contribute vocals, lending a unique timbre to each track. Coxon performs on saxophone as well as on the lute. It's an early contender, but this might be one of the year's best. Don't sleep on it!

Every Acre (CD)

H.C. McEntire

HC McEntire's Every Acre is the type of album that feels imbued with a sense of place, calling to mind the dusty roads and distant horizon of the best country and Americana. Her distinctive voice feels both tender and haunting; her lyrics capture emotions in a way few artists can. You'll want to keep this one on repeat, as these richly-textured songs have more to reveal with each listen. Lilting and lovely, Every Acre is McEntire at her very best.

Raven (CD)


On Raven , Kelela proves once again she’s one of the most exciting artists working in the alternative R&B space. The tracks on Raven sound like a sort of rebirth; the emotions are intense, the compositions innovative and exhilarating. There’s no predictability here and Kelela has her listeners on the edge of their seats the entire time as shimmering and ethereal textural tracks segue into drum ’n’ bass ballads and electronic washes of sound shift into dancehall grooves. Raven is impressive. If you dug what Kelela was doing before, these new tracks are on a whole other level.

The Other One (CD)


The originators of kawaii metal, Babymetal, return with a smashing new album, The Other One . Fusing J-pop (albeit with a darker, more melancholy bent) with heavy metal, the songs feature ripping, brutal guitar riffs and honey-sweet yet powerful vocals from main vocalist Su-metal. Be assured that while "kawaii" (or "cute") is often associated with this band, they truly, truly do kick ass. The Other One is a thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride of an album from one of the most innovative, exciting, and just straight-up fun bands pushing the typically dude-heavy genre into new territory.

Radical Romantics (CD)

Fever Ray

Fever Ray is back with their first album in five years, Radical Romantics . The album title is an accurate synopsis of this left-field electro-pop production; as you’d expect, the songs are glittering and strange, filled with twists and turns both lyrical and melodic, all rooted in a deep love for both the darkness and the (heavily filtered) light. Fans of The Knife will rejoice to hear that Karin Dreijer has recruited their brother and The Knife bandmate Olof Dreijer for the first several songs, creating a vibe that eventually shifts into more buoyant, technicolor sonic territory as the album goes on. Fellow travelers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross contribute, as do Nídia, Johannes Berglund, Peder Mannerfelt, and Vessel.

Traveling Wildfire (CD)

Dom Flemons

Multi-instrumentalist, olde time music expert, and erstwhile member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dom Flemons returns with another rousing and riveting solo album, Traveling Wildfire . On this collection of original songs, Flemons' ability to conjure the mood of a different time and place is spotlighted, as he melds bluegrass, folk, country, and Americana into timeless tracks that could be from today or 100 years ago. Opener "Slow Dance with You" is a heartfelt, one-moment-in-time ballad. "It's Cold Outside" is a haunting, melancholy charmer. And "Guess I'm Doing Fine" feat. Sam Bush feels like a true stomper, with fast fiddle and lyrical banjo. An excellent album from an artist who deeply understands his chosen genre.

Marlowe 2 [Deluxe Edition] (LP)


Several years ago, producer L’Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham first brought us Marlowe, an alt-rap project with an ethos rooted in the musical stylings of the past and a lyricism inspired by the social issues of today. Now they’re back with Marlowe 2 . It’s an album that’s pure fire. The crackle of vintage vinyl samples, the propulsive beats, the vocals that swim seamlessly from funky to fierce; few acts are doing it like Marlowe these days. Brigham raps about police brutality, poverty, and the societal issues that dominate the news cycle today (but that stem back generations). This is heady stuff. The intelligent, impactful Marlowe 2 will work its power on both your heart and your mind.

College Park (CD)


On his first independent release since leaving Def Jam, Logic goes back to his roots with College Park . Logic takes it back to 2011 on the album, giving us an autobiographical glimpse into a formative period. It’s a truly epic album, filled with the optimism and desperate hope of youth, alongside all the fears and challenges that lurk in the shadows. Featuring an all-star cast of collaborators, College Park has appearances from Bun B and Lil Keke, Norah Jones, Joey Bada$$, and RZA, just to name a few. It’s a heartfelt, high-octane album that showcases Logic doing what he does best.

Louie (CD)

Kenny Beats

Kenny Beats’ visionary debut Louie is one of the most exciting, creatively inspired hip-hop albums in recent memory. Having worked with everyone from Denzel Curry to Dominic Fike to Doja Cat, it’s no surprise that he’s capable of crafting an eclectic collection of tracks that both seamlessly flow and are a vibe unto themselves. The production is lush and atmospheric, the melodies influenced by retro soul, funk, and jazz. This joyous, groove-filled record feels like a summer day, whether you’re spinning it in the middle of winter or with the windows rolled all the way down.

Expendables (CD)

Fake Names

When punk rock needed a new hero, Fake Names answered the call. Expendables is the latest album from the supergroup, comprised of Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty), Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, INVSN, The [International] Noise Conspiracy), Michael Hampton (S.O.A., Embrace), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys, Soulside) and new member Brendan Canty (Fugazi, Rites of Spring). With a crew like that, you'd expect this to be good, but even so, you wouldn't be prepared for how instantly likable this album is, how instantly the songs get under your skin. Expendables has the energy and ethos of classic punk with the genre heritage of hardcore, post-hardcore, and post-punk to keep things fresh, urgent, and impactful.

Strange Dance (LP)

Philip Selway

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway evolves his sound on his third solo album, Strange Dance . The songs feel at once familiar and down-to-earth, cinematic and sweeping. Selway wrote the tracks at home on his piano and guitar, passing off drum duties to his impressive cast of collaborators. (Hannah Peel, Adrian Utley, Quinta, Marta Salogni, Valentina Magaletti, and Laura Moody all contribute to the soaring, orchestral atmosphere.) Strange Dance is an album that’s both inviting and intriguing, a nuanced work that nourishes the soul of the listener as much as it seems to have fed the creative spirit of its dream team of creators.

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