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Pink Friday 2 by Nicki Minaj is available now on CD and electric blue color vinyl.

Fiona Apple LPs Out Now

Three albums by Fiona Apple have just been reissued on 180-gram vinyl.

The Killers Out Now

A new Killers greatest hits compilation, Rebel Diamonds, is out now on CD and double LP.

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Melodies On Hiatus (CD)

Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr's Melodies on Hiatus is eclectic, emotional, and energizing. The erstwhile Strokes guitarist consistently delivers on his solo material, and this time he offers up a mix of straight up rock club bops and gentle indie rock ballads. The tempo never lags over the course of this stellar nineteen-song collection, with driving rhythms, stirring melodies, and bittersweet romantic lyrics. Melodies showcases Hammond Jr's impressive ability to create choruses that stick with you, build an effortlessly cool rock 'n' roll atmosphere, and leave you feeling like you've just spent the last however-many-tracks dancing in a dirty basement bar to the best set you've ever heard in your life.

Death Is Nothing To Us (CD)


In the punk and hardcore scene, exhilaration and defiance often go hand-in-hand. Fiddlehead's Death is Nothing To Us is a perfect snapshot of this ethos. Even as the lyrics dive headfirst into the whiplash of heartache and pain, the riffs are so strong and the melodies so magnetic that you can't help but feel happy to be alive. That's the power of punk: finding the good times in the midst of the bad, and it's something Fiddlehead pulls off with aplomb on this must-own album.

Everything Harmony (CD)

The Lemon Twigs

Blast-from-the-past brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario return with another exceptionally well-crafted Lemon Twigs album, Everything Harmony . As the band gleefully reconstructs and experiments with throwback genres and pays tribute to musical legends, it's clear that they know their rock history. But what makes The Lemon Twigs' music so powerful isn't just their good taste and passion for the music; it's their ability to inject novelty, curiosity, and real emotion into the mix, whether they're singing a Simon & Garfunkel-style ballad or giving a nod to Big Star. It's no surprise that the brothers cite Moondog and Arthur Russell as influences on this one—although The Lemon Twigs may not yet have a storied history like those seminal underground artists but the D'Addarios share their fervor for experimentation, art, and just straight-up quality songwriting.

152 (CD)

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has long brought mature songcraft and pop sensibilities to punk's rigid conformity. Their eighth studio album, 152 , offers an intensely personal and emotionally pure collection of songs inspired by the hard times of the pandemic. From the album’s intricate riffs and anthemic vocals, to its elegantly warm synths and economical string arrangement, expect their most realized work to date.

It's The End Of The World But It's A Beautiful Day (CD)

30 Seconds To Mars

Their sixth studio album, It's the End of The World But It's A Beautiful Day , heralds a new era for Jared and Shannon Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars, exploring the darker sides of the human experience as well as the hopeful moments. The album serves as an arresting reminder that even in the face of seemingly impossible obstacles, there is still beauty to be found in the world.


Olivia Rodrigo

GUTS is an excellent spotlight for Olivia Rodrigo's ability to write gut-punching, left-of-center pop with ultra relatable lyrics. "Vampire" is an emotionally devastating breakup anthem that feels sing-a-long (or sob-a-long) ready. "bad idea right?" is a wry, clever, totally catchy chronicle of lying to yourself about a bad idea ex. Never has feeling bad felt so good to listen to. Rodrigo is one of the best young songwriters on the scene and GUTS is a masterpiece.

Become EP (CD)

Beach House

The Become EP features five extra tracks from the Once Twice Melody sessions that the band felt didn’t quite fit the sound. With highlights like “Devil’s Pool” and “Holiday House,” this is a short, satisfying dose of reverb-drenched, spacious Beach House music.

Laugh Track (CD)

The National

The National's Laugh Track is one of the band's best and most brilliant records to date. Fans of the band perhaps won't be surprised to learn that it's emotionally devastating in the most hurts-so-good way: taken in combination with the raw, all-too-relatable lyrics, the aching strings used through the album convey enough unfulfilled longing to make you stop what you're doing, sigh meaningfully, and stare forlornly into the middle distance. Fortunately, Laugh Track is an ultimately cathartic listen. Featuring excellent guest appearances from Bon Iver, Rosanne Cash, and Phoebe Bridgers, it's no exaggeration to say this LP is a masterpiece.

The Returner (CD)

Allison Russell

Allison Russell wrote The Returner as a "radical reclamation of the present tense, a real time union of body, mind, and soul." This will all sound abstract until you hear the album. Joyful, life-affirming, and ebullient, Russell celebrates agency and activism, taking back and uplifting the beauty even in the bad times. These intensely funk tracks are also deeply soulful; at times it feels like Russell's channeling a little bit of Prince, which makes even more sense when you learn that Wendy & Lisa make an appearance on the album, as do Brandi Carlile, Brandy Clark, and Hozier. The Returner should top many year-end "best of" lists. Guaranteed to turn your mood around in one song or less.

Javelin (CD)

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens's Javelin is a beautiful heartbreaker. These tracks feel like some of his deepest, most vulnerable, devastating work, yet this album is no downer. Buoyed quite literally by the lovely backing vocals of his five-part vocal choir of friends (adrienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, Pauline Delassus, Megan Lui, and Nedelle Torrisi), the tracks embody the incredible human ability to reach up from the gutter, towards the stars. Javelin is a soft-voiced companion for tough times, gifted with a sense of the sacred and sublime.

I Hope You Can Forgive Me (CD)

Madison McFerrin

Wow. Madison McFerrin's I Hope You Can Forgive Me is a stunner. "Run" begins as a neo-soul scorcher before morphing into an utterly haunting electronic number. The title track is a shimmering combination of R&B and electronic music with an undercurrent of desperation and moments of transcendence. McFerrin's voice has immense range: velvety at the lower registers and dulcet at the higher. Her lyrics, too, are exceptional: you'll think you're listening to a standard R&B romantic ballad before McFerrin subtly flips the narrative. An instant obsession from the opening notes.

The Holdovers [OST] (LP)

Various Artists

Prefer your holiday soundtracks on the wry side? Then you'll dig The Holdovers soundtrack, the musical companion piece to Alexander Payne's Paul Giamatti-starrer about a misfit group of holiday holdouts at a New England prep school. The original compositions by Mark Orton give a nod to classic '70s film music; inspired by the likes of Carol King and Cat Stevens, the tracks are endowed with a sense of restlessness and adventure, warmth and familiarity. The other tracks are a mix of Christmas and non-Christmas, throwback and contemporary, with selections from Khruangbin, Shocking Blue, The Allman Brothers, and Andy Williams. A cozy listen that readily evokes the movie's milieu.

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Producer, singer & songwriter Jessy Lanza goes digging at Amoeba Hollywood and finds a Janet Jackson 12", a new EP from one of her favorite collabs Funkenevil, a cult classic from Akiko Yano, a compilation of ambient music by JD Emmanuel & more.

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