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Letter To Self (CD)


SPRINTS's first album, Letter to Self , is one those heady, intoxicating debuts that barrels straight at you, no holds barred and ready to reaffirm your faith in rock 'n' roll. The Dublin four-piece combines post-punk, garage punk, and riot grrrl into an intense, cathartic listen. Singer/guitarist/lead songwriter Karla Chubb doesn't shy away from hard-hitting topics, delving into mental health issues, religious guilt, bodily autonomy, sexuality, and self-acceptance. But this isn't a "message" album: instead, it's a full-throttle reckoning with the issues through loud, ferocious, gritty rock 'n' roll. Letter to Self announces SPRINTS as a band to watch.

Bewitched: The Goddess Edition (CD)


Transform your existence into a more glamorous, romantic, and retro one with Laufey's Bewitched: The Goddess Edition . The Icelandic artist creates dreamy vocal jazz that sounds like it could've come straight out of the Golden Age of Hollywood, or from the songbook of legends like Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald. The songs move from sweeping and grand to intimate and vulnerable, with a dash of bossa nova and classical mixed into her throwback jazz sound. While Bewitched was a 2023 GRAMMY winner, The Goddess Edition features four stellar new tracks, including the titular single, "Goddess." Turn down the lights, put on something pastel, and enter Laufey's marvelous, magical world.

Orphan [Collector's Edition] (BLU)

Jaume Collet-Serra

Artistic and well-spoken in spite of a troubled past, 9-year-old Russian orphan Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) is adopted by an American couple (Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard) unable to have the third child they desired. When bizarre accidents and disappearances begin to happen, Esther's stepmother begins to dread her new child may somehow be involved. Atmospheric, disturbing horror film co-stars CCH Pounder, Jimmy Bennett, and Aryana Engineer.

Orgy Of The Damned (CD)


Rock legend Slash makes his mark on the blues with his new album, Orgy of the Damned . As expected, the guitar work is phenomenal: these tracks are gritty, funky, and sizzling hot. Slash has enlisted an eclectic, all-star cast of collaborators for these steamy blues covers, too. Billy F Gibbons and Gary Clark Jr. bring electrifying blues meets rock 'n' roll attitude to their respective tracks. Demi Lovato brings soulful pop slink to a disco-laced funk/electro cover of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Iggy Pop brings his inimitable, easy swagger to "Awful Dream." Crank this one up and prepare to be transported to the sultry, sweaty roadhouse of your dreams.

Standing Out Loud (CD)

Alastair Greene

Fans of down-and-dirty blues and scorching Southern rock will dig Alastair Greene's Standing Out Loud . Greene's work is rooted in the tradition of '60s and '70s blues rock; he's both a guitar virtuoso and a sort of music historian, not to mention a killer songwriter. These tracks are rowdy and rollicking, plainspoken and punchy. In short, there's a whole lot of rock 'n' roll spirit infusing these swampy blues and sizzlin' rock tracks. Turn them up loud and crank the AC because the temperature is about to rise.

empathogen [w/Poster] (CD)


WILLOW's empathogen is a heartfelt and bold sonic step forward. Moving away from her earlier pop and pop-punk sounds, WILLOW now leans into a jazz vibe that's alternatively theatrical and spectacular, alternative and authentic. She's joined by Jon Batiste and St. Vincent on these lush, splendidly arranged tracks. Lead single "b i g f e e l i n g s" is a fantastic indicator of the temperature, virtuosity, and emotional pitch of empathogen : every element of this show-stopping album is just straight up bigger and more brilliant than everyday life.

Spiritual Cramp (LP)

Spiritual Cramp

The self-titled debut from San Francisco's Spiritual Cramp is high-octane, rough and rowdy punk rock in its purest form. These ultra-catchy tracks feel like direct descendents from classic NYC and London punk, even when the band is singing about totally modern concerns (see "Talkin' on the Internet") or dipping a toe into post-punk ("Herberts on Holiday"). Spiritual Cramp will have you longing for basement shows and sticky floors, late nights and living on the edge. This album is pure good times. More from these guys, please.

The Avett Brothers (LP)

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are back with a warm and inviting new self-titled album. The band's lilting indie-folk packs quite the emotional punch as the brothers sing about aging and dying, the unpredictability of life, and the twists and turns of even the most well-intentioned of relationships. The melodies are exquisite, with layered compositions featuring banjo, organ, fiddle, piano, and strings. The perfect soundtrack for endless summer days and the cool night breezes that hint of autumn and the dying of the leaves.

Blue Electric Light (CD)

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz sounds better than ever on his latest, Blue Electric Light . Replete with all the effortless swagger and blistering guitar work that are Kravitz trademarks, these tracks are bold, sultry, and cooler than cool. Elements of funk weave their way through the songs, whether it's on the potent and pleasing "Human" or the Prince-esque seduction of "TK421." Blue Electric Light is pure good times and perfect summer listening.

Lives Outgrown (CD)

Beth Gibbons

Wow. Expectations for a Beth Gibbons solo album were always going to be high and the great news is that Lives Outgrown delivers. The Portishead singer's voice has exceptional power, the arrangements are layered, haunting, and affecting, the songs will take your heart in your hands just as Gibbons' earlier work did. These ten chamber pop and art folk tracks were recorded over a decade, with production from Gibbons herself with James Ford, plus additional production by Lee Harris (Talk Talk). Lives Outgrown captures something about the experience of aging, mortality, and farewells that's difficult to articulate in words. Of course Beth Gibbons does it with devastating beauty and a sparse but lovingly-held sense of light.

Javelin (CD)

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens's Javelin is a beautiful heartbreaker. These tracks feel like some of his deepest, most vulnerable, devastating work, yet this album is no downer. Buoyed quite literally by the lovely backing vocals of his five-part vocal choir of friends (adrienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, Pauline Delassus, Megan Lui, and Nedelle Torrisi), the tracks embody the incredible human ability to reach up from the gutter, towards the stars. Javelin is a soft-voiced companion for tough times, gifted with a sense of the sacred and sublime.

SPELLLING & The Mystery School [Purple Vinyl] (LP)


SPELLLING proves once again she's a powerful force in music, magic, and the space in between. On her latest for Sacred Bones, SPELLLING & The Mystery School , the experimental pop artist reimagined studio tracks from the length of her career, spotlighting the ways in which they've grown and morphed. The songs are sparkling with life, at times witchy and enchanted, at times earthy and comforting. There are elements of disco, trip-hop, and grandiose '80s-style fantasy pop. It's an intoxication potion that showcases the power of art and the remarkability of the creative process.

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