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New releases this week include Blonde Redhead, Cherry Glazer, Green Day LP, and Haim LP.


The 10th anniversary edition of HAIM’s Days Are Gone is out now on green color double vinyl.

Blonde Redhead Out Now

Sit Down For Dinner is available now on CD, LP and indie exclusive yogurt white color LP.

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Watch Miami rock band Torche perform a loud, heavy set from their fifth album Admission live in the Amoeba Hollywood Green Room!

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falling or flying (CD)

Jorja Smith

British singer-songwriter Jorja Smith's falling or flying is a smooth, seductive, triumphant sophomore album that fuses R&B, house, jazz, and soul. The lyrical concerns are relationships: with yourself, with your friends, with your love interest. The title track is a languid, late night love ballad. "Little Things" amps things up, with a funky electronic rhythm that'll compel you to the dancefloor. "Try Me" is a grooved out, percussive stomper that gradually builds to a haunting, soulful chorus. falling or flying is exceptional and irresistible.

The Ones Ahead (LP)

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Beverly Glenn-Copeland's new album is his first collection of new music in nearly two decades and draws from a wealth of traditions, from American jazz to Irish fiddle songs to West African percussion. The songs weave a rich tapestry of poignant explorations into the human need for love and mutual care in the face of destruction and uncertainty, the power people have when they reach out for each other, and the ways that the wisdom of past generations can guide us along the path forward.

Secret Life (CD)

Fred Again

With Fred Again & Brian Eno teaming up, it's practically a given that Secret Life is beautiful and brilliant. These are compositions that'll sneak into your heart and settle in there, their power derived from subtlety, quiet, and vulnerability. Listening to the album gives you the sense of watching the world at twilight, the night settling in and muting your environs before the more flashy onset of night. Lean into the silence and the darkness of Secret Life and you'll be richly rewarded by these hazy ambient gems.

Daydreamer (CD)

Molly Burch

For her fifth album, Daydreamer , singer Molly Burch returned to the city of origin, Los Angeles, to create an intensely personal selection of songs. The singer delved into her teenage journals after a visit home, inspiring the emotional outpouring on the new album. Burch pulls back the curtain of her life and bares her soul on songs dealing with topics like friendship, body issues, love, and death.

Something To Look Forward To (CD)

John P. Strohm

Something To Look Forward To , the latest album from Blake Babies founding member John P. Strohm, is a beatific tribute to musician, collaborator, and friend Ed Ackerson. Expounding upon the music and ideas they had begun together before Ackerson tragically succumbed to pancreatic cancer, Strohm has forged an uplifting, heartfelt musical memorial to an esteemed friend.

Switched-On (LP)


Pachyman's Switched-On feels like a lost classic. This is no obscure collectors' delight, however: LA's Pachy Garcia pays homage to reggae, Boricua, and woozy dub on this record, emblazoning the tracks with his own contemporary, urgent feel. "Sale el Sol" is dreamy and languid. "Goldline" has the feel of '70s future-pop. "Trago Conqueto," with its sharp yet shuffling rhythms exerts a strong, beckoning call. Switched-On is atmospheric, exciting, and just straight up awesome. Don't sleep on Pachyman's latest!

Emotional Contracts [Red & Black Vinyl] (LP)

Deer Tick

Deer Tick's Emotional Contracts is a big, bold indie-meets-country-rock album tailor-made for those restless days and nights when, as John J. McCauley sings on "The Real Thing," "you can't get no relief." The tracks are passionate and poignant, capturing the essence of our species-wide dilemma: time passes, things change, and we have to let go, whether we want to or not. The music alternates between stirring and tumultuous, consoling and warm. Emotional Contracts is truly epic, yet it also feels as lived in and familiar as a chat with an old friend. Turn this one up when you want to feel like someone out there understands.

Moodswings In To Order (CD)


Sometimes an album is so good it transcends its genre. That's the case with DPR Ian's Moodswings Into Order . Whether you call it K-pop or glossy radio pop, the melodies are so sweeping and gorgeous, the lyrics so exploratory and moving, that the album should appeal to anyone who just likes straight-up excellent songwriting. Moodswings is an addictive listen with real emotional heart that will hopefully introduce DPR Ian to an even bigger audience around the world.

Sit Down For Dinner (CD)

Blonde Redhead

After nine years away, Blonde Redhead are back with the lovely and moving Sit Down for Dinner . The songs are understated yet effective, tales of loss and rediscovery, breakdowns and perseverance. The titular two parter finds power in the quiet, with a gentle emotional crescendo that builds with such sweet melancholy it'll hook its way into your heart. "Snowman" opens the album with a bristling tension that feels magnetic. "Before" is beseeching and bittersweet, the type of Blonde Redhead track that'll lodge in your psyche. A beautiful, entrancing album.

Skinty Fia (CD)

Fontaines D.C.

The Fontaines D.C. look poised to take over the world with their top-notch latest, Skinty Fia . The Irish post-punks have created a cohesive, eclectic collection of songs that blends irresistible melodies with acerbic, effective lyrics. The band keeps thing interesting by constantly experimenting with genre conventions, from the bittersweet, percussive "Jackie Down the Line," to the dub-driven title track, to the desperate, haunting "I Love You." Addictive and intriguing, Skinty Fia possesses a powerful, beating dark heart with melodies so catchy you'll be thrilled to dive deeper into the gloom.

Living Proof (CD)


Fans of classic California hardcore will find DRAIN's Living Proof irresistible. The tracks are fast, intense, and good-natured; even in their most abrasive moments, the mood feels like you're at the stickiest, most out-of-control, enjoyable basement show of your life. This is just straight-up quality hardcore. Featuring an appearance from rapper Shakewell and the DRAIN guys covering the Descendents' "Good, Good Things," the band's sophomore album will make you believe in punk rock once again. Made to be played loud.

Yard (CD)

Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp's Yard hits hard. Jam-packed with excellent grunge and punk-influenced indie rock tracks, the songs are sweetly melancholic and totally addictive. "Doubt" displays the band's pop sensibilities, with a '90s alterna vibe and an irresistible earworm chorus. "Slugs" is a slow burn, simmering with repressed feelings and scorching riffs. "Broadview" brings in the country twang and the blues guitar to create a yearning melody for vocalist Emily Massey's voice to float wispily and wearily over. Yard is the real deal...and it just might become one of your favorites this year.

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