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Khruangbin gets dreamy and intimate on A LA SALA . The band's effortless international cool takes a more downtempo turn on these tracks; they feel made for a lazy afternoon with friends or a quiet morning gazing at the clouds. "May Ninth" is grooved out, hazy, and rather wistful. "Pon Pón" kicks things up a bit, with funky riffs and irresistibly danceable percussion. "A Love International" is cinematic, languid, and yes, romantic. Khruangbin are one of the most inventive and imaginative bands out there and A LA SALA is a great showcase for their softer side.

Night Swim (BLU)

James Wan

The producers of M3GAN high dive into the deep end of horror with the supernatural thriller, Night Swim . Wyatt Russell stars as a former major league baseball player, forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, who moves into a new home with his wife, Oscar nominee Kerry Condon, and their two children. The new home comes complete with a backyard swimming pool, but a deep secret surfaces and unleashes a malevolent force that will drag the family into the inescapable depths of terror.

Unwishing Well (CD)

The Reds, Pinks & Purples

Moody, romantic, and straight outta the underground, The Reds, Pinks & Purples create music in the vein of The Go-Betweens, Felt, and the Magnetic Fields. UnWishing Well features witty, droll lyrics and lilting melodies that work together to create a heartbreakingly lovely atmosphere. The surface of these hazy, dreamy songs is pretty and pastel: the heart black to the core. Lighten up your dead-end job, failed romance, and flailing artistic career with this fantastic album — you'll be glad you did.

Only God Was Above Us (CD)

Vampire Weekend

Only God Was Above Us is the poignant, urgent new album from Vampire Weekend. With a name taken from a 1988 news article about a terrifying in-air airplane incident, it's perhaps no surprise that the songs seem to share that same sense of faith in the midst of catastrophe. "Capricorn" careens between grinding electronic noise, sweeping strings, and intimate indie guitar. "Gen-X Cops" starts off with the intensity of a high-speed car chase before shimmering, slightly melancholic harmonies kick in. Only God Was Above Us is some of Vampire Weekend's best work; fans will dig this expansion in the band's sound.

Up On Gravity Hill (CD)


Canadian punks Metz move ever so subtly into the darkness on Up On Gravity Hill . There's still plenty of punk rock ferocity and grittiness in the trio's songwriting; there's just a little bit of simmering vehemence and dark atmospherics to add a slight post-punk bent to these turbulent tracks. They're urgent and bristling, sustained in intensity and utterly gripping. Guest appearances from Owen Pallett and violin ("No Reservation/Love Comes Crashing") add an expressive, moving quality and vocals from Black Mountain's Amber Webber ("Light Your Way Home") create a haunted, harrowing feel.

Ohio Players (CD)

The Black Keys

The Black Keys continue their sonic evolution with Ohio Players . It's one of the band's lushest, liveliest albums, with soul and gospel-tinged blues rockers in abundance. "Beautiful People (Stay High)" is an ultra-hooky, bigger-than-life anthem with Britpop and bar blues influences. "I Forgot to Be Your Lover" is a Motown-meets-the-blues ballad rich in swelling strings and romantic regret. Guest appearances from Beck, Juicy J, Lil Noid, Dan the Automator, and Noel Gallagher add to the fun.

Lifeless Birth (CD)


Necrot delivers one of the year's most solid death metal releases with Lifeless Birth . The riffs are pure fire, the percussion absolutely punishing, and the vocals menacing and brutal. The songs are also total earworms that'll keep you hitting the repeat button again and again. Lifeless Birth is an ultimate headbanger of an album, with all the fury of a demon crawling out of the abyss, and all the enjoyment of said demon as it's about to set the world ablaze.

Eviscerate (CD)


Resistance is useless. If you're a fan of melodic post-hardcore bands, you'll find Eidola's Eviscerate irresistible. The band combines harsh metal vocals with anthemic choruses, brutal riffs, artillery-like percussion, and downbeat melodies to create a sonic statement on our divided society. Eviscerate tackles topics like loathing and loss, cruelty and chaos. Obviously, this isn't easy listening yet the soaring choruses and moments of reprieve make these tracks addictive and strangely beautiful.

Polaroid Lovers (CD)

Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz seventh studio album, Polaroid Lovers , delivers her viscerally potent and resplendent brand of folk-rock, while exploring the ephemeral moments that indelibly shape our lives. The alchemy of Jarosz's finely wrought lyricism, gorgeous vocal work, and virtuosic yet unfettered musicality creates an album-long meditation on love and longing.

i/o [w/Dolby Atmos Blu-ray] (CD)

Peter Gabriel

It's finally here: Peter Gabriel's first collection of new songs since 2002's Up. Gabriel's latest, i/o, will remind fans why they first fell in love with his music all those years ago. Each track feels like a masterpiece, a self-contained world of storytelling, emotion, and plain excellent songcraft. There are two mixes of these songs: there's the Bright-Side Mix, with Mark "Spike" Stent, and the Dark-Side Mix, as done by Tchad Blake. The mixes bring out different properties of the songs, with the Dark-Side emphasizing the dramatic, the grand, and the all-consuming aspects of Gabriel's work. Another epic release from the legendary Gabriel, this one's not to be missed.

Good Life (CD)


Good Life is a celebration of Ledisi's artistic journey. A unique blend of soulful sounds and lyrical depth, her 11th album is a testament to her creative evolution that explores the spectrum of human emotions and experiences. With her signature blend of soul, R&B, and jazz influences, Ledisi continues to innovate and push the boundaries of expectation. Features vocals from Kenny Lattimore and Butcher Brown, as well as writing and production from long-time collaborator Rex Rideout and others.

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