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I almost forgot about this funny YouTube clip originally posted about nine months back, before I had started AMOEBLOGGING and which now seems even funnier. It's only about two minutes in length and worth watching:


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If you are in the Bay Area right now (noon, Saturday, September 8th), there is still time to head out to enjoy most of today's big free event in San Francisco, the Michael Franti overseen 9th Annual 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival, celebrating music and arts and taking place at Speedway Meadow til 5PM-ish today today in Golden Gate Park. Scheduled to have started earlier this morning (9AM), the big festival, which is expected to draw up to 70,000 people, will include free music (including Michael Franti and his band Spearhead and the Indigo Girls on the main stage and DJ Spooky along with other spinmasters in the DJ tent), as well as an open-air art gallery, a healing arts tent, kids zone, bike coalition, eco village,   environmental and political organizations disseminating information, and vendors selling food and drink.

Performers for the rest of the day include Quannum label hip-hoppers Lifesavas (who are scheduled to perform until 1:20PM), DJ Spooky at 2PM spinning for an hour, followed by Bassnectar in the DJ tent, the Indigo Girls on the main stage at approx 3PM followedmichael franti by Franti and Spearhead. 

Started in 1998, the free, outdoor 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival has been steadily growing. That first year, which took place in a neighborhood park, drew an estimated 6,000 people but has grown to draw in excess of 60,000 people to Golden Gate Park's Speedway Meadow. Past performers and spokespersons have included KRS-One, Digital Underground, Woody Harrelson, Angela Davis, Blackalicious, The Coup, Saul WIlliams,  Alice Walker, and Talib Kweli.

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P Entertainment

Come One, Come All! Retrospective in Fabulosity Tonight @ The De Young

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peaches christ cattychism de young museum

My 80s Nostalgia Peaks: Mrs. Garrett's Got Somethin' to Sing About!

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I truly never thought it would happen, but I actually and officially MISS the 80s.... and this is the best thing ever:

Although I was sheltered compared to most 80s kids, I still was a latch key kid.  Remember back when TV characters really did feel like part of your family? That Punky Brewster sure is full of spunk!

God I feel old.
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