Photographic Memory, Part 3

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This is another installment of music and/or movies that I’m reminded of when looking at old photos of myself, my family and my friends. It was brought to you by the letter R and the number 8. And through a generous donation from the Hindenburg Aviation Academy. And from Viewers Like You.

chad corbin

That's Chad, on your right. Next to him is him is his guitar, whose name escapes me, so I'll just call him Queezerwaroworolheethorlurl and never speak of him again. Chad remains one of the most complex and fascinating of my generation of Nevada City townies. You know how people say people never really change? Well Chad really changes, and depending on which point you select on the arc of his story, you'll see a man who bares little or no resemblance to his past or future. You could say that is the one thing that never changes about Chad: he always changes.

At the point in his life where the above photo was taken (in front of the antique store that never opened once in my entire childhood), he was a traveling minstrel with a particular fondness for Romani, Klezmer and Spanish music.

This phase is Chad's life fit perfectly with his non-musical obsession: collecting and playing board games and putting together puzzles. It was as though he wanted to get his autumn years out of the way first, so he could enjoy his senior citizenship drinking and gambling and gallivanting with prostitutes.

board games
A mere fraction of Chad's collection.

Chad is also the one who introduced me to one of my most favorite bands in the known Universe, de Kift. De Kift is a Dutch band who's known for their extraordinary live shows -- part theatre, part explosion -- and also for their complete unwillingness to tour the United States of America, much to my chagrin. Their albums prove difficult to procure, and are sometimes expensive, because their packaging is often more a work of art in itself. When I lived in the Netherlands, I bought everything by them I could get my hands on, even if it meant I went without my daily allotment of gouda and negerzoentjes.

These days, Chad is undergoing another metamorphosis. He's wrapping up a life as a high-balling, corporate man and considering a new identity. Anyone's guess is as good as mine as to what he'll decide to be. I can tell you this: nowadays, when you listen to music in his car, you're not likely to hear any of the above mentioned stylings. Instead, you'll be treated to such as these (at least for the time being)...

chad corbin
The author & Chad working the puzzle table.
(Note the board games piled everywhere.)

chad corbin
"You sunk my Cootie-ship!"
(Note the completed puzzle as hanging art.)

Chad Corbin
She works hard for the money.

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