Strange Things Happening Every Day: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

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sister rosetta tharpe

I feel like eversister rosetta tharpeybody should know about Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Isn't it sad how unexpected it seems to see a woman playing a guitar in old black and white footage? It seems almost bizarre. Sister Rosetta Tharpe doesn't just play the guitar, she brings so much energy and passion to it-- it's joyful, or at least, it always perks me up to see her play and sing. She has a huge sense of spirit.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was definitely a pioneer in the world of gospel and rock n roll too. I don't really think there's anyone else like sister rosetta tharpeher. She was popular in the 30s and 40s. She wasn't afraid to blend the sacred with the secular, which was kind of revolutionary at the time. Apparently she was quite shocking in her day, which makes sense because watching her even today she was so sister rosetta tharpefar ahead of the game and so fearless, it's shocking and also affirming to know she existed.

Watching a woman perform in gospel robes clutching and coaxing an electric guitar, the newly invented  symbol of sin to so many at the time, it's refreshing! It's exciting! It's inspiring! She's a consummate performer and entertainer; she's killer. Check out a performance:

Now that's a solo!

jose gonzalez at the great american music hall

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I was very close to almost not going to this show. Curt had too much homework so I was left to go to the show all alone. But I am really glad that I did. Not only is the Great American Music Hall only a couple of blocks from my house but I love it there. I know I have said this before. But I really do love it there. The architecture is so amazing. I actually ended up running into about 6 friends there so I had no more worries of standing all alone in the corner once I got there. But I was sort of looking forward to that. I really like going to movies all by myself in the middle of the week. It is usually just me and some retired ladies and grandpas. Maybe cause I end up seeing movies like  "The Queen" and "Letters from Iwo Jima." This would explain the old ladies and grandpas. I went and saw "Eastern Promises" this week. There were still only about 10 people in the theater but the "crowd" was a bit different. More old loner type dudes than old ladies. The movie was really awesome. Cronenberg and Vigo Mortensen fit together so perfectly. They captured the feel of a little russian restaurant so well. I have never been to one. But I feel like now I have. OK, back to the Jose Gonzalez show. I may have been to plenty of movies by myself but I have not really gone to a show by myself before. It is weird though. As much as Curt and I go to shows, I don't really see people I recognize out that much. I am always thinking to myself, who are all these people. Why don't I ever see them anywhere else in the city. But it seems that Jose Gonzalez was the show that all of my friends decided to go to. I had heard great things about his show at Bimbo's last year, so I was looking forward to the show. I really love the new album and wanted to hear it live.

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Screamfest LA Starts This Weekend !

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Over a week's worth of modern horror starts TODAY at the Chinese Theaters here in Hollywood! Including the cutting edge of international horror such as France's A l'intérieur & Austria's Dead In Three Days , new films from classic directors (George Romero's Diary Of The Dead) , and tons of titles that would otherwise go straight to dvd (Return To House On Haunted Hill, Shrooms) .

Take a look at the Screamfest site ( and I hope to see you there !


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Warner Home Video 37214


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madonna confessions from a dance floor
The ever-changing music industry is fresh on everyone's minds these days and the other day Amoeba Marc forwarded me a wonderful "Timeline" (the great read is reprinted below) of the key events this year to date in the rapidly changing music biz that is from a cool blog called "The Lefsetz Letter (First in Music Analysis)," which can be found online here. I got the email from Marc on Wednesday this week but the next day news broke of yet another major and noteworthy event that could be added to this Timeline: the news that Madonna had signed a new deal, not with Warner or some other major record label, but with Live Nation (the concert folks) for almost $120 Million. Of course, this makes sense, since, as reported here recently via the Guinness World Records AMOEBLOG, Madonna is one of the top grossing concert performers and since (as we all well know) concerts and merchandizing (not CD sales and not even digital music sales) is where the real $krilla is nowadays -- especially for Madonna, who can gross $200 million for 60 shows.

The Madonna/Live Nation deal is the first of its kind and is certainly one for the music biz history books, since this will be the way of future, although not every artist will be so lucky as to get such a sweet deal as Ms. Ciccone. Here is the breakdown of Madonna's Live Nation deal: she gets $17.5 mill up front, $50 million for three albums, and $50 mill (In cash and stock) to promote her concert tours and merchandise. While some analysts are predicting that Live Nation will need to sell at least 15 million of each album to recoup their investment, they are being short-sighted and (like the record labels) thinking in terms of the traditional music biz model -- and thinking merely of recouping from digital or hard copy forms and not figuring in all the future revenue from the licensing of music to movies, TV advertising and ringtones, etc.

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