April 23, 2008 pt 3

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Ok, now that I'm obsessed with discreetly taking photos of the Arclight lobby:

More Modern Rockers

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So here we have another batch of LP's with artwork in the "Modern Rock" style of the early 80's.  Kicking it off with a Paul Butterfield Back to the Future cover and into Lucifer's Friend/Uriah Heep golden throat John Lawton's 1981 make-over Heartbeat...

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April 23, 2008 pt 2

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Today I met Billy Drago!

His IMDB resume.

Invasion USA.
Hunter's Blood.
Hero And The Terror.
Delta Force 2.

Cyborg 2.
& more.

Holy Shit ! !

April 23, 2008

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While taking the pic below in the Arclight lobby I found out that there is absolutely no photography allowed in the building. The guest services employee was kind enough to shout at me from twenty feet away. If he had asked me nicely, perhaps I wouldn't be posting the contraband on my blog.

At least they didn't notice me taking these pics:


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This film was taken from two different short films shot over a hundred years ago along the identically same route in both 1905 and a year later in 1906 by an unknown cameraman, who captured the silent footage from a streetcar going straight down San Francisco's Market Street towards the Ferry Building. This short piece (one of many that utilize the public domain footage) edits together San Francisco both before and after the big earthquake of 1906. Footage from the Prelinger Archives, edited by Matt Lake.
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