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the end of america naomi wolf
The following excerpt comes courtesy of AlterNet and TruthOut.Org, thanks to a link from Amoeba Marc who first spotted this engrossing and unsettling yet must-read interview posted a couple of days ago with Naomi Wolf, author of the book The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. The title gives you an idea of what to expect. Below are just some key excerpts. For the full interview with AlterNet's Don Hazen, click on's website, or read just the bits below, especially if you already have major concerns or worries over democracy and the state of the USA  today.
naomi wolfIf you think we are living in scary times, your worst fears may be confirmed by reading Naomi Wolf's newest book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. In it, Wolf proves the old axiom that history does repeat itself. Or more accurately, history occurs in patterns, and in order to understand where our country is today and where it is headed, we need to read the history books.

Wolf began by diving into the early years leading up to fascist regimes, like the ones led by Hitler and Mussolini. And the patterns that she found in those, and others all over the world, made her hair stand on end. In
The End of America, she lays out the 10 steps that dictators (or aspiring dictators) take in order to shut down an open society. "Each of those ten steps is now under way in the United States today," she writes.

The Final Terror

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Happy Thanksgiving -- The evolution of Thanksgiving

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December 4, 1619. 38 Brits got together in Charles Cittie. Captain John Woodleaf spake,

"Wee ordaine that the day of our ships arrival at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually keept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty god."

    Wahunsenacawhk                          Matoaka                                                       John Rolfe

They had reason to give thanks after rocky relations with the natives started to calm down. Previously, after Chief Wahunsenacawh's daughter Matoaka (nicknamed Pocahontas) married John Rolfe, relations between the two peoples had improved. In the spring, however, new leader Opechancanough's adviser and famed warrior/magician Nemattanew (derided as Jack of Feathers by the English for his feathered costume) was murdered by two Englishman disproving Nemattanew's claim that a magic oil made him immune to gunfire.



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If you are one of those individuals who has an uncooked turkey, a ton of people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but don't have a clue as to how to go about cooking the bird coz you have never cooked a turkey before, then the above basic how-to-cook a turkey with Chef Tom should be of help. And if you are one of these harried people, you may wish to check out the first part in this simple how-to video guide by clicking here.


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The other day I made a trip out to one of my favorite places in the world: the beach at Bolinas, CA -- about an hour's drive from Oakland or San Francisco, north of SF, just past Stinson Beach on the Pacific coastline. There the beach is beautiful, the surfers plentiful, and the out-of-context yet unobtrusive graffiti along the beach is in full effect as usual. And as usual, much of the graffiti along the beach at Bolinas is influenced by its surroundings: i.e., images of surfers and sharks and birds, as you will see in some of the pics below -- part one in this three part series.

Of course, this was just the other day, meaning in these immediate post-Bay oil spill days. And even though technically Bolinas was not closed off to the public for fear of oil contamination and surfers were out en masse, it was still not completely safe, especially for dogs without leashes as you will see from some of the signs below, although that didn't deter a couple of canines that I saw running freely (without leashes) along the Bolinas beach. One of the reasons it was unsafe for dogs was because oil-contaminated birds were still showing up on the beach.

Above and below are some of the warning images from the beach at Bolinas, but mostly I've included images of graffiti art (of all sizes and types) along the beach walls and leading down to the beach.

This is Part One in a three part series. Part Two in this series will be posted in a few days and Part Three (which will include more big graffiti pieces) in about a week. Thanks for checking it! And if you know of any remote rural spots in NorCal where you also unexpectedly find graffiti or murals, please share in the COMMENTS box all the way down. 

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