SF Cops Recover Stolen Red Hot Chili Peppers Telecaster (Video)

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A valuable instrument with a rich rock musical history, that was stolen in a San Francisco burglary just under two weeks ago, was recovered by the San Francisco police yesterday as first reported by local NBC News and SF Gate today. The stolen vintage instrument, a 1966 Fender Telecaster guitar,  was played in concerts by the Red Hot Chili Peppers between the years 1988 and 1992, and again between the years 1998 and 2009 when former cohort of Anthony Kiedis, Flea and company John Frusciante was a guitarist with the band whom he initially joined in 1988 to replace then guitarist DeWayne "Blackbird" McKnight of Parliament-Funkadelic fame. Valued at $30K, plainclothes SFPD offices recovered the Fender that was not in Frusciante's possession at the time of the August 16th Bayview district of San Francisco robbery. 

Reportedly the former RHCP guitarist had passed along his valuable axe to an associate who was, in turn, to pass it along to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a temporary loaner for an upcoming event. Above, in a video posted a short time ago today by YouTube member "Officer Manfredi," you can see the guitar being returned at the SFPD station. And below you can see / hear the guitar being played by John Frusciante in the video below of a full Chili Peppers concert in Japan from 1990 when he joined Anthony Kiedis, Flea, and Chad Smith live at Club Citta', Kawasaki as part of the Mother's Milk tour.  Among Frusciante's other prized guitars in his collection are a 1962 Fender Stratocaster, a 1955 Gretsch White Falcon, and a custom 1969 Gibson Les Paul.

San Francisco's Light Rail Studios Yard Show Benefit for SFCR + Save KUSF with Record Fair, DJs inc. Irwin, & bands inc. Chantigs

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This week Brian Springer  at San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR) - the online radio station that was also known as KUSF In Exile and continues the legacy of beloved Bay Area college radio station KUSF - sent out a mass email to those remaining Bay Area folks who "still remember what community radio meant to SF"  encouraging them to come to this weekend's benefit SFCR Yard Show at the Light Rail Studios space where DJs like Irwin (who presents the popular Sleeves on Hearts music show and who was active in the protests that took place back in 2011)  have been broadcasting from since getting unceremoniously booted off the USF campus back in  2011.

Saturday's (August 29th) twelve hour event, that starts at 10 in the morning, will offer non stop fun and entertainment that will include a variety of food trucks, a record fair, SFCR  DJs spinning live at the event, and many great bands playing including San Francisco alt music vets Chantigs whose success was due in large part to the former 90.3FM radio station. The frequency still exists on the dial but nothing else resembling the former great station that was such an integral part of the fabric of the local San Francisco music scene for so many years.

That day KUSF was booted off the air was a traumatic one for people associated with the station and one they will never forget. "We were forced out by the SFPD while on air.  This was January 21st, 2011," recalled Brian this week, adding how, "We only languished for about 3 months until Light Rail was chosen as our best venue to make an online stream.   The University has asked us to stop using KUSF, basically anything with USF in it.  They did retain the rights to "KUSF" as a brand.   They really only sold the right to transmit on the 90.3 frequency.    Upon the onset, we established that we would be SFCR, San Francisco Community Radio, which is the name of our 501c3."   The university even hung onto KUSF's famed annual record fair.  "The university retained all rights to the Rock and Swap and the brand and income, obviously," Brian told me. Meanwhile at the record fair part of the Yard Show on Saturday there will be several vendors with records to sell plus SFCR who have their "own girth of records to sell off" said Brian who noted that record sellers can still get a six foot table for $20.  "Email me at for a table, I can accommodate more." 

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Hiero Day 2015 Lineup To Include Alkaholiks, Domo Genesis, Aceyalone, The Coup, Cali Agents, Luniz, CMW, HBK, Zion I, & Equipto

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The folks at Oakland's Hieroglyphics hip-hop collective have announced the anticipated lineup for this year's Hiero Day that does not disappoint and happens in two weekends on Monday September 7th at 3rd and Chestnut Streets in Oakland. In addition to headlining act the Hieros, whose membership boasts  such members as Souls of Mischief, Del the Funky Homosapien, Casual and DJ Toure, this year's amazing Hiero Day 2015 lineup will feature 45 diverse acts (over three stages) that covers various eras and subgenres of hip-hop that is sure to please any hip-hop fan. This impressive lineup will include Tha Alkaholiks who arrived on the hip-hop scene the same time as the Hieros, Odd Future's Domo Genesis, Cali Agents (Rasco and Planet Asia), Stones Throw founder DJ/producer Peanut Butter Wolf, Boots Riley's legendary Oakland political hip-hop soldiers The Coup, Freestyle Fellowship's super-gifted emcee Aceyalone, legendary Oakland rap duo the Luniz, Raashan Ahmad's group formerly known as The Mission - Crown City Rockers, MC Eiht's legendary 90's SoCal rap group Compton's Most Wanted, hometown hip-hop heroes Foreign Legion, Rhymesayers' female emcee talent Psalm One who had changed her name for a minute in recent years, Zion I, Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson, Equipto & Otayo Dubb, HBK members Kool John, P-Lo, and Jay Ant in separate sets, and hyphy era stars The Team

When Hiero Day began in 2012, at a location in the Uptown area of Oakland near the New Parish, the naysayers cynically said that it would not last past year one - it being a big rap event in Oakland and free to anyone and everyone, it would have to self-implode they predicted. But thankfully those negative predictions were totally wrong as proven by the continuance of this wonderful all-day celebration of hip-hop music that, in addition to the mulit-faceted Hiero crew, showcases a rich variety of hip-hop with a focus on Bay Area and West Coast, and is now celebrating its fourth year. Not only that but Hiero Day, which after outgrowing its original year one street festival space moved over to its current ideal location - on a stretch of 3rd Street roughly midway between West Oakland BART and Jack London Square - has gotten bigger and better each year. More impressive is that Hiero Day 4 is all ages event for the community! One small change however this year is that it is no longer a totally free event but, due to mounting costs on producing such a large scale event, there is now a minimal ticket cost of $10 - $20 with advance tickets online.  Among the many DJs spinning at Hiero Day 2015 will be Beat Junkies/The Visionaries star DJ Rhettmatic, (former Amoebite/Oakland Faders co-founder) DJ PlaturnSake One of Local 1200 crew, (friend of Amoeba) House Shoes, D Sharp, and Kevvy Kev with on stage hosts including Chuy Gomez and Chris RIggins. To secure advance tix for Hiero Day 2015 click here. Below is a nice video overview of last year's Hiero Day 2014 by General Hydroponics.

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DJ Precision Wins 2015 DMC US Finals Again, With Manwell Placing Second And Dwells In Third Place

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At Webster Hall in New York City this evening the heated national annual turntablist battle for the best DJ in the USA, the prestigious 2015 DMC US Finals took place with Queens NY DJ Precision winning the title at the East 11th Street venue.  The DJ won three times including this latest battle in the six minute battle plus he also won in this year's DMC US Supremacy which adds up to an impressive four DMC US titles in all.  An icon within the turntable community and a regular DMC battle participant and winner, this was the third year that Precision took the US  DMC title in the high-profiled six minute battle portion of the evening. The last time that the turntable talent born Perrin Wright  won the national title was exactly three years ago at the 2012 US DMC US Finals DJ battle. At that DMC US Finals battle, that was also held at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge several blocks away over on the west side of Greenwich Village, the runner up was Virginia's DJ I-Dee who placed second, but then last year won the US Finals (the previous year's 2013 US DMC Finals winner was DJ Esquire). At that 2012 US DMC Finals that Precision also won, the third place slot was earned by LA  representative Manwell who made it back into the finals again this year where tonight he took second place. Meanwhile in third place this year was DJ Dwells -  the supertalented young winner of the NYC Regional battle for two years in a row. In last year's US Finals Dwells, who is now only 15, took second place. And this year, despite been tipped by many as a potential winner of tonight's battle, was overtaken in the heated turntable showdown in which other talented participants included DJ Ambideckstriks, DJ Ease and DJ Throwdown.

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ADA's "UFOLOGY" Presents The Bay Area DJ / Producer's Fascination with UFOs and Aliens

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Vallejo, CA DJ/producer ADA is carrying on the hip-hop production tradition of such groundbreaking Bay Area instrumental hip-hop DJ/producers as Eddie Def, DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike, and DJ Qbert - whose approach to music reconstruction is rooted in the 80's cut-n-paste/megamix scratch DJ style.  Born Adam Butler, ADA is a talented turntablist and part of the Bay Area's healthy skratch scene, as well as a gifted sound artist; one perpetually crate digging and looking for that perfect sound to sample. Like the DJ/producer pioneers before him, he approaches every new sound (often the least likely) as potential material for some new production. That new production for ADA is his recently published mixed media piece UFOLOGY that is both a video piece (above) and an audio-only production.  ADA, whose day at ArtistWorks includes overseeing QSU (Qbert Skratch University) for one of his key DJ/producer musical heroes, shares Qbert's deep interest in aliens and UFOs - the themes of both of Qbert's albums Wave Twisters and Extraterrestria.

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