New vinyl releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/27 - T.B. Arthur, Ekman, Marquis Hawkes and more!

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T.B. Arthur

Test Pressing 1 12"

Test Pressing 2 12"

Test Pressing

Ok, so the story is these were found in some Chicago warehouse, but these don't sound like '90s cuts to these ears. In any event, raw, minimal, jacking acid techno tools that even manage to have a bit of fun here and there. "B2" off the second record has some pretty funky cowbell, "A2" off the first record is a great, lurching beast off a track. Despite the anonymity-craving backstory, the best stuff here has a lot of personality.

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Ekman - EntropyEkman

Entropy 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Dutch producer Ekman's been turning out twisted acid/electro for the excellent Berceuse Heroique label for some time now -- his debut for Trilogy is his most gutted material yet. The title track caroms along on some out-of-phase kick, eventually spewing odd delayed stabs that sound like a bi-product of the track's own screwed-up momentum. "Dissipation" is sparse, electro-tinted stuff, like something off the Demdike Testpressing series, while the closer is pure madness, in fitting with the Trilogy "anything goes" ethos.

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/19 - Randomer, Don Papa, Marcellus Pittman and more!

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Randomer - Russian Torrent VersionsRandomer
Russian Torrent Versions 12"
Russian Torrents
Randomer's been on a bit of a tear lately. His outings for Clone and L.I.E.S. have been unique and uniformly functional. His techy drum programming fits in with both Hessle and the unwashed barbarians of the lo-fi techno scene. Here we have three tracks and nary a dull moment. "Side Crack Lung" is a brilliant techno tool propelled on by some cheeky vocal samples. "Odd" gets more hypnotic, using circular piano patterns and basslines.
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Don Papa - Rock My TempoDon Papa
Rock My Tempo 12"
Sex Tags Mania
Laidback dub-dance experiments from Moss, Norway's hip-hop legend (your guess is as good as mine). This material's been culled from recordings made between 1997 and 2003 and runs the gamut from spliffed-up electro dancehall, distorted 'Mo Wax style experiments and most notably "Done (Piano Mix)", a chilled out psychedelic piano house with some odd dub screech around the edges and nonchalant raps up top. That's the one!
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Marcellus PIttman - 1044 CoplinMarcellus Pittman/John Cannon
1044 Coplin/JC's Groove 7"
Pittman's status as a distant third (or fourth) chair has lessened recently, mainly due to his reputation for joyful Detroit beatdown DJ sets. As such, it doesn't come as a complete surprise that he's turned in an ace boogie-funk 45, though the contrast with his previous stripped-down machine funk is notable. (To be fair, the "Do You Like Music 12"" from earlier this year saw MP headed this direction.) The groove is unstoppable, walking synth bass with just a bit of a 313 techno pulse. John Cannon comes correct as well with a slower, sexy synth jam.
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Buy Deetroit - The Underground UnderstandsDeetroit
The Underground Understands 12"
These records are cool. They look like they sound, no-frills midwest dancefloor heat, faceless and functional. "Making It A Reality" is an adroit combination of a bittersweet piano riff and Juno bassline, the whole greater than the sum of their parts. Similarly, "Nipponese" gets even fancier with the Rhodes/bass interplay, like Moodymann was trying to make it to Carnegie Hall. The to-the-point title of the closer, "Reassuringly Analogue", tells you where this shadowy producer is coming from.
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Peverelist - Roll With The Punches (Remixes)
Roll With The Punches 12"
Punch Drunk
Fascinating historical document of the Bristol dance scene. Originally released in 2007, Pev's spacious dubstep anthem would precipitate his migration to a hardware-heavy, but still low-end conscious techno released on his own Livity Sound. His partner in that label now attempts some historical revisionism. The Linear mix starts to mess with the reedy lead a bit but keeps the booming half-time drums relatively in tact. On the B, the lead is reimagined as beautiful, delayed ambience.
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Todd Osborn - Step OffTodd Osborn
Step Off 12"
Acoustic Division
The ingenious Ann Arbor producer returns with melodic jams which stand alongside his wistful self-title LP on Ghostly, Osborne. Jazzy chords and soaring leads abound, especially on "House 117", which is on some Midnight Express shit, such is Osborne's talent for melody. "November" cruises along like a loose, clanky house tool, before introducing some quiet storm piano chords, a perfect deep house B2.
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Ranier Truby - Slouse
Rainer Tr├╝by 
Slouse-Fishing In Slower Territories CD
The veteran Stuttgart producer reveals the direciton his tastes have been headed in recent years, slow, mellow house jams. It's most successful when it goes towards more hypnotic, "balearic" territory, with Moonstar's "C-Minus Particles" and Maurice Fulton's amazing mix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavor" standing as obvious highlights. Elsewhere, things veer closer to the chill-out zone with lilting vocals fit for the after-after party as well as the coffee shop.
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New this week:
TENAGLIA, DANNY: Balance 025 2CD 
CLAP! CLAP!: Tayi Bebba 2LP
SENNI, LORENZO: Superimpositions LP 
PUSHKAREV, ANDREY: Three Roads EP 12" 
A: Cocoon Compilation - N CD 
FLUGEL, ROMAN: Happiness is Happening CD 
WRONG STEPS: Wrong Steps EP 12" 
TANABE, DAISUKE: Floating Underwater CD
KISH, KILO: Across LP 
KAWASAKI, TOSHIYA: I'm Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 6 - 10 Years Edition Pt. 2 2LP 
HRDVSION: Hrdvsionremixes 12" 
KLINT, ANTON: Spritzer EP 12" 
RDG & HITMAN: Mercenary Ship EP 12" 
VA: New Jack Tribal 12" 
CLARIAN: Road to Recovery EP 12" 
DUMONT, DUKE: For Club Play Only 3 12" 
NICK THE RECORD: Under the Influence Volume Four: A Collection of Rare Soul & Disco 2CD


New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/12 - Dopplereffekt, Simoncino, Gauss and more!

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Dopplereffekt - Hypnagogia
Hypnagogia 12"

Leisure System

A rather inspired pairing of Gerard Donald's post-Drexciya project and the young, talented Objekt. The Dopplereffekt side is dreamy, filmic electro with some gorgeous string swells. It's excellent, as you would expect. Objekt's contribution is similarly widescreen, surprisingly incorporating a bit of glitch and ambient into the electro bounce.

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Simoncino - Abele DanceSimoncino
Abele Dance 12"
Simoncino is back on L.I.E.S. and he's not messing around. For the most part, these are minor-key analog hardware jackathons, the B2 on some forgotten Warehouse Records release. The title track is both wilder and more subtle, full of spinning polyrhythms and a serpentine flute synth lead.
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Brett Dancer
Brett Dancer
The Hybrid 12"
Smooth yet propulsive tracks from the deep house veteran. The tracks here imbue smooth as silk pads with a bit of techno edge which emanates from the rhythm section. Among the most successful is "Someone" which uses several layers of synths and a soulful vocal sample over a slightly restless 303 line. 
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The Hypnoticus 12"
Steve Rachmad pops off with another dark, groovy techno track following his excellent 2014 entry for Klockworks. The Hypnoticus makes you think of some kind of pocketwatch swinging mythical being. In fact, it's referring to the slight modulation of the very simple groove and its effect on the ears and mind. The track is 6 minutes long but could be perceived as anything from 30 seconds to an eternity during the witching hour.
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Skander - Dirge

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New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/5 - Omar S, Jared Wilson, Young Male and more!

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D- untitledD.
Untitled 12"
Proper's Cult
Unruly, dub house/techno from the incorrigible Amsterdam scene figure, San Proper. The tracks are all various combinations of "?" and "!", the attention to detail seems to have gone into the tracks, which are rather dark excursions of scraping, single-note guitars, always buttressed by a kicking house rhythm. Very interesting!
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Chse Smith - Falling OutChase Smith
Falling Out 12"
Harmony Society
Pittsburgh producer Chase Smith continues his come up. After EPs for WT, Argot and a certain European label which issues anonymous missives, he sounds more relaxed than ever. The melodic progressions of the basslines are the most notable here. The title track is a true A1, all catchy dive-bombing bass and dubbed-out accoutrement. "Still Further" has a nostalgic feel to it -- it's a perfect driving track. The ambient outro will appeal to fans of Panoram. Handpainted cover, edition of 400.
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Jaakko Eino
Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Yin Yang Theater 12"
Beats In Space
Delightfully unquantized funk from Tim Sweeney's label. This sounds a bit like the most joyful Chaz Jankel jams infused with a creepy, Krautrock edge."Sensaatio" slows things down to around 115 BPM, mixing heavy boogie bass, Shaft-style funk guitar and hooky, spaced out vocals. 
Buy Yin Yang Theater 12"
Young MaleYoung Male
A11 R 12"
White Material
No-nonsense hardware techno. The first track "A11 R" is pretty similar to his contribution to the White Material comp - a simple synth stab and banging 909 ridden into oblivion. Closer "Black Satin Fan" uses a more nimble, sensuous rhythm with some creepy tones coming in and out of the mix. This unadorned style is  somewhat at odds with the hype that's built around his labelmate Galcher's stoned house rap.
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Jared Wilson - Ghost Miners
Jared Wilson
Ghost Miners LP
Straight-ahead DETROIT acid dedicated to everyone who spends their life (literally) underground. The 303 lines here and clipped and utilitarian, but the melodic gift Wilson's demonstrated on tracks like "This Love" and "Unknown Pleasures" comes through occasionally. "Ghostminer 3's" piano chords and jacking drums nail that elusive alchemy mixing soulful and tough.
Ghost Miners LP
Omar S - Annoying Mumbling AlkoholikOmar S
Annoying Mumbling Alkoholik 12"
Another great 12-inch from Omar S. (Is that even something that needs to be said at this point?) The hilariously named title track has a funky rolling bass line with a slight '80s feel (RIYL "Wayne County Cops") and a dope, ethereal lead. A fluttery ambient track and a more techno leaning tool close it out. Some people make it look easy.
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Black Madonna - stay
The Black Madonna
Stay 12"
The Night Owl Diner
Marea Vierge-Noire's reputation as a DJ has grown by leaps and bounds due to her beatdown sets and increasingly frequent touring. That said, there hasn't a massive amount music from The Smart Bar booker quite yet. This may be the year that changes. "Venus Requiem" is her first track to capture the isolator abusing glory of her all-vinyl sets. It sounds a bit like she's just leaning on the EQ on a fogotten g-funk/boogie. It's both relaxed and undeniable as a dance track. Awesome!
Buy Stay 12"
New this week:
MR RAOUL K: Still Living in Slavery CD 
D.A.F.: Produkt der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft LP
CELLER, ALEX: Kammsa/Plex Astunde 12" 
CRAY76: Master & Servant 12"
DEEPCHORD: dc07/dc08/dc09 [remastered] CD 
 DEEPCHORD: dc10/dc11/dc12 [remastered] CD 
DEEPCHORD: dc13/dc14/dc16 [remastered] CD 
INTRUSION: The Seduction of Silence (Remastered) 2CD 
SEEKAE: Test & Recognise Remixes 12" 
BJORKE, KASPER: After Forever LP 
LUSSURIA: Industriale Illuminato CD
KIRK, RICHARD H.: The Many Dimensions of Richard H. Kirk 3CD BOX 
DARK SKY: imagine CD 
GARNIER: KL 2036 EP 12" 
SAGITTARIUS A: Omega Point EP 12" 
PORTABLE: Sportable 12" 
BORTZ & SASCHA SIBLER, DANIEL: Tomorrow We Start a New Life Again 12" 
WATSON, VINCE: Rock-It EP 12" 
MAGNESII: VD Jams #1 12" 
WILHITE, RICK: Vibes 2, Part 2 2LP
SND: travelog (Special Extended Edition) 2LP 
NIRO: Tender as Asphalt EP 12" 
HARON: Optics 12" 
SKEPTICAL: Echo Dub/Chain Reaction 12" 
ZEMI17: Impressions EP 12" 
DREXCIYA: Neptune's Lair 2LP
Brett Cimbalik "I Wish I Could Say The Same" 12" 
Snakepiss "Toil EP" 12"
Lexi/Blendi/Adopo "Wirr 1" 12" 
F.R.U.I.T.S. / PTU "Dat 22 (First Track) / Tuesday
Royer "Tough Questions EP" 12" 2 6.99 13.98
Craig Sherrad "Sketches of A Circuit" 12" 
Generation Next "Generation Next EP" 12"
Moodymann "Sloppy Cosmic / Hangover" 12" 


New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/29 - Moire, Demdike Stare, Lee Gamble and more!

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Moire - Shelter


Shelter CD

Shelter LP


Deubt full from the "London techno" producer after some trippy 12-inches. Moire's East London is somewhat similar to smoke filled vision proferred by Burial. This is all tension and atmosphere, yet the young producer is demonstrating a melodic talent we haven't previously seen. "Infinity Shadow" and other tracks take a classic KDJ/Theo Parrish approach to chords - keep it deep and bittersweet and they'll be hooked. His slightly off the beat bass hits are just enough to keep the listener reeling without knocking the tracks fully out of dance context. Still this is as good a record for driving as it is warming up a crowd.

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Design A Wave - A.R.M. II

Design A Wave

A.R.M. II 12"

No Label (Rush Hour)

Design A Wave might be the best post-punk inflected improv dance band on Rush Hour's "No Label" imprint. That says a lot, considering  Aaron Coyes, Suzanne Kraft, Willie Burns, Torn Hawk an Secret Circuit have all put out that type of music on the label. A great, varied release which pulls together hazy Durutti Column-esque midtempo Balaeria and the case of "Auto-Resonance Machine", a bit of The Pop Group's jittery paranoia.

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