Pitch Perfect 2 [OST] (CD)

Twenty years ago, if you were to try to sell an album of all a capella covers of famous radio pop singles, you'd be laughed right into the nearest clearance rack. But times have changed. The intense cultural penetration of this tongue-in-cheek pleasure has abandoned its formerly ironic coat and has been embraced seriously. And while Glee and Pitch Perfect are undeniably comedies, the music itself is taken seriously and lovingly with deep layers of vocals that become convincingly synth-like in the cacophony of voices.


Even though Pitch Perfect 2 might be missing Anna Kendrick's mega-cute hit, "Cups" (though a melancholic, a capella version is included), they're making no stops to prove the sequel's soundtrack isn't just a carbon-copy of the first soundtrack with new classics morphed by Pitch Perfect's goofy, funhouse mirror renditions of pop songs including "Jump," "Any Way You Want It," and "Lollipop." And did we mention a cameo by Snoop Dogg? Get your vocal chords warmed up and get ready to bring the house down with the sing-a-long soundtrack for the Summer.

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