No End (CD)

Recorded at his home studio in 1986, No End illuminates hitherto undocumented aspects of Keith Jarrett's music. He is heard here on electric guitars, electric bass, drums and percussion, overdubbing tribal dances of his own devising.

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39 Steps (CD)
At home on ECM, as usual, the master of bold jazz guitar lyricism returns with a less fusion but still adventurous take on melodic chamber bop. Of the ten tracks, 9 are written by at least a portion or combination of Abercrombie's band, which, on this occasion, consists of Drew Gress (bass), Joey Baron (drums), and Marc Copland (piano). Most tracks are named after, if not explicitly inspired by, Hitchcock, following the record's title. The mood, however, is not particularly tense or somber, but rather lilting and mysterious, especially on the excellent "Bacharach," Abercrombie's ode to the composer. "Shadow of A Doubt," a group improvisation, is particularly excellent, showcasing each band member's reason for being selected by this modern master. Abercrombie doesn't often play with a pianist, so when he does, and especially one as gifted as Copland, it's an occasion for celebration. Read more