Hip Hop

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton [CD/DVD] (CD)

This documentary is for avid Stones Throw fans. You’re in for a surprise if you think they are strictly a Hip Hop label. It gives you a small peek of what goes on in the eclectic brain of founder Peanut Butter Wolf and insight into his start in the music industry.

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The Tortoise & The Crow (CD)
This release is a testament of the love and dedication this duo have for Hip Hop. Giving us not one, not two, but THREE albums. Always evolving as artists and as human beings, which is evident in their music. Something to listen to when you need your spirits lifted. Read more
9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is The Squad (CD)

Sick comp from this underheralded indie hip-hop label, led by producer 9th Wonder and featuring appearances by Talib Kweli, Rapsody and Blu, Jadakiss and many more.

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12 Step Program (CD)

Angeleno most-known-unknowns return with album #9 of fiercely DIY hip-hop on a scale many so-called mainstream rappers would envy. Vacilating as ever between throwing an incredible party and defiantly hyper-intelligent bouncing swirling wordplay, deep samples, keen ears for composition and change within a track, and an ever present love for commitment to not just hip-hop but musical history. The PUTS are aging like the luxury items they are, becoming better and more valuable with age, forever giving the impression that their most fruitful period is always the current one.

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7 Days Of Funk (CD)

In the words of the Holy Ghost of Funk, Bootsy Collins: "Well glory be! The funk's on me!" 7 Days of Funk's debut EP is a revelatory event for for fans of and freaks for The Funk, and should be particularly pleasing for those whose funk du jour is syrup-thick mid-tempo boogie-funk seasoned heavy with synthesizers a la Yarborough & Peoples or Zapp. This latter strain of funk has seen a resurgence in recent years, aided in large part by Angeleno Dam-Funk who makes up half of 7 Days of Funk's funknamic duo. Who's the other half? None other than the Doggfather himself, Snoop aka Snoop Lion aka Snoopzilla for this release, in an explicit homage to the Bootsman. Snoop has flirted with throwback funkestries on previous releases and is responsible for the global dispersal of the G-funk sound, but never before has be given himself so wholeheartedly to the funkmersive concerns expressed on this EP. Easily transcending the side-project ghetto, 7 Days of Funk is two major voices in contemporary music, subsuming their individual identities into something new and simply huge. A match made in funk heaven.

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