Hip Hop

Lantern (CD)

Glaswegian Electronic / Hip-Hop producer Ross Birchard releases his second album to date under the Hudson Mohawke moniker. His follow up to 2009’s Warp debut, Butter, sheds light on what the producer has been doing with his time. Lantern, first and foremost, is a Hudson Mohawke record. So all of the successes he has seen, be it with his collaboration with Lunice TNGHT or the stellar production he has done for Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, are just illuminated pieces of the whole. "Very First Breath," the first single off the album, blends bass and synth with a trap pace. Whereas "Scud Books" takes that same synth and pairs it with an epic, bone-crushing bass and string section. Both indicative of what HudMo can do, but utilized to do only his bidding. Even powerful featured vocalists like Miguel on "Deepspace" or Jhené Aiko on "Resistance" are put in their place and forced to blend with Birchard’s at times atonal vision. Needless to say it’s phenomenal. Lantern proves that Hudson Mohawke can drop bangers not only as a hired gun, but as an electronic auteur as well.

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