Strangers (CD)

With her seventh album, Marissa Nadler refines her poetry and dense sound in a way that is the envy of every other singer-songwriter. Her emotions are on clear display as she steps further away from the world of folk and goes for more tragic and haunting moods crafted by her sparse guitar and lush layers of synths and strings. All the while her delicate voice echoes with endless reverb until it just dissolves. Every track is a lamentation of love gone toxic and when her voice pierces right into you it almost feels like her pain is aimed directly at you. Two tracks into the album and "Katie I Know" can easily break you. She is so blunt and clear about her conflicts that it's almost too much to take. Her voice sounds like it could break into tears any second over the strings serenading her. "All Of The Colors Of The Dark" is so bare and personal that it's as if you are peeking into her subconscious with her beautiful imagery. "Janie In Love" has crackling guitar that feels right out of a Roy Orbison track until it blows you down with sonic drone that turns into a chaos that her previous albums never did. It's no surprise that she collaborated with Sunn O))) producer Randall Dunn as her instrumentation gets heavier and louder and starts to feel fiercer than other folk artists. Strangers continues Sacred Bones' perfectly curated and genre defying sound that seems to create trends instead of follow them. It's Nadler's most mature album  yet and something people will try to emulate for the next few years.

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