Indian Ocean (CD)

Using Al Green's former backing band, The Hi Rhythm Section, with melodious, mellow horns and splashes of jazzy, organ sparkle, former folkie Frazey Ford has reinvented herself into the 21st century progenitor of the blue-eyed soul sound of the '70s. Her wispy, almost childlike folk vocals easily could have gotten lost in the Stax-like sound, but the arrangements are soft and delicate. "September Fields" almost makes you think it's going to be a coffee shop acoustic set before suddenly an organ sneak attack pops up from behind. The tragic ballad of "Weather Pattern" is the raw, tear-filled ballad most musicians don't have the spirit to sing without sounding hackneyed or hollow, but Ford nails it so gorgeously and almost effortlessly. Indian Ocean's amalgamation of funk and folk work so harmoniously, you'll be asking why can't more musicians blend things beautifully like this?

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